Sunday, July 27, 2008

Be Right Back

My very proud self-wear-self-tie Yukata Obi.

Hanabi Festival Sumida 2008

I will be off to Hokkaido for 7 days. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I am feeling touch! I feel like crying! No words could describe how on cloud-9 I am now.

We are on could nine

Me... Me... Me

FINALLY graduated! from Japanese intensive course!

Graduation class photos. Sarah's Afro-and-Sailors are good friend fan.

The certificate we received, Proudly, I held up on my hand, gazing at my name, together with the signature of The Man - President of Tokyo Institute of Technolgy. Once again, my tears started to roll down my cheeks. All my hardwork are not wasted!
(Seriously speaking, the Certificate is better than my MMU graduate cert.No pictures, I left my cert with Siska after the Karaoke.)

Thank you Saitou Sensei.

Saitou sensei with bear bear honkan.

Thank you Yamashita Sensei


Also Thank you Ishida Sensei, who always expect greatness from us. But we still fail her time after time.

Closing ceremony party.

Finally, not forgetting super cute Little Ishida Sensei!!

Who inspired us with their ambitions to be bread-shop-baker, and flower-shop-florist.

Yet, I will miss my dearest classmates so much. No matter how they hate me, they still have to tolerate seeing me every morning from 9 to 12. This, I cant appreciate enough. We have definitely come a long way....

We a.i.m.e.d to get drunk in the Asahi factory tour.

We silently covered for each other for stealing snap-shot of Asahi beer production.

We experiment all types of jump. Just for Ahmet's future jumping style collection book. (It's gonna be a big hit)

We went Karaoke then room turned Sauna together.

We adopted a pet name ducky and fishy name fish fish.

I will never never gonna forget the Bazooka under the table too.

Best wishes to everyone!

P/S: Actually this post is not as sentimental as it seems to be. I just got nothing else better to do. Maybe I do, I should learn how to tie my Yukata for the Hanabi coming Saturday. :D

Official Government's cars

The state government wanna change their offical cars from local made Proton to Mercedes and Toyota Camry.

Reasons given :
Proton need high maintainence fees!
They need safe cars to travel far distance!




Hp's vacation

Did I mentioned my mobile loves Fukushima so much that she decided to ditch me, stay a lil` while longer in Fukushima. Bad Mobile! Bad!

However, she is back. In an envelope. Found her lying in my mailbox this morning.

With a lil note.


Just got back Karaoke with classmates. Awesome session. First song was Christina's Reflection and all of us was screaming our lungs out for Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall. I must admit Kaiser Chiefs Ruby Ruby Ruby was a bit tricky. I realised I didnt have Yours truly Angry Mob in my Winamp. So sad.

Elephant says hi.

I so wanna get this to hang outside my door. Maybe changing the 営業 (on business) to 休む (vacation) .

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Engineering related

Sis told me this news.

To all the engineers family members out there, Sis, Fh, Anthony.S.... I know you guys are too lazy to even think of overworking. :D

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing the point

Ch'ng said my previous post about Matsushima is missing the whole main point totally. Matsushima is one of the top 3 most scenic place in Japan. But ALL I FREAKING CARE ABOUT was the witty seagulls that didnt bite my fingers off!!

My apology. My foolishness. My Naiveness.

So, in order to pay back my imbecile-ness. This is a photo-post of all the tiny islands along the boat trip. They all have beautiful names, but I cant recognize which is which.

Not feeling that impressed? OF COURSE! The pictures above were taken using my humble point & shoot camera.

The real thing are below, by using Zhan Wei's super-duper camera. (Warning: I havent ask permission from him to post his pictures here. Do not be surprised these pictures are taken down sometime in the future.)

Well, seagull cant help to peep. Seagull say hello.

I still love my awesome-frantic-snack-targeted-only-fingers-safe-super-cool-seagulls. ::wink::

Road Trip Second Day - Koriyama, Inawashiro

Life here in Koriyama 郡山 and Inawashiro 猪苗代 is so slow. Even in Fukushima, people tend to walk slower, no rushing. When using the escalator, both left and right side stand at halt. Unlike Tokyo, right side of the escalator is always for fast mover, try standing still on the right side of the escalator, you could die rolling down resulted from being kicked from barbarian rushing from behind.

Even when you are up and down from a train, you would not have to worry being crush by the door. You can decide the perfect timing to open the door. If you prefer, you could even consult feng shui master for the exact minute and second you choose to close back the door. Ample time available.

Maybe because too much time is spent on opening and closing the door, the journey from one place to another place is taking extraordinarily long time. And it's impossible to rush down the platform for the loo, and take the next train. Next train arrived one hour later.

This is so called platform. Like a chicken coop.

So, as usual, being as thoughtful as they could be, they have toilet in the train! It's such a rare sight to see toilet sign in the train.

I thought I reached a movie set based on a historical story line.

There's no fancy machine to insert your exit ticket or fare adjustment to your train fare. Everything back to the basic. Human!

Even the town nearest to the train station looks miserably haunted and deserted. Walking through the street, you will feel a shrieking chill of silent penetrating your insides.

As though you walk pass any one of the shops, some enormous evil force might pull you into the shop, obscure your vision with black magic, empowering you into total darkness. Desperately moaning and feeling total help.less.

Okay. Stop crapping.

However, I was feeling ecstatic to see our tour guide in 五色沼 Goshikinuma ( 5 coloured lake). We were suppose to hike the jungle trail for one hour plus to see lakes of 5 colours. With the decorated stick he holding up leading us, I have a feeling we would never ever get lost. Just behold! follow the lead of the greatest flowered s.t.i.c.k! (It would be quite disasterous if were to get lost in a foreign jungle.) Contented. We follow the lead.

The trail of the hiking is about 4km. Along the trail we are able to see Red, Green, Blue, Brown coloured lake which changes according to the seasons and materials contained in the water.

Bishamon-numa Pond. The first and biggest pond amongst all others.

You get the idea. The colour of the ponds looks like my lil sister just dropped a full water-colour crayon into the water.

The most famous mountain here is Bandai-Shan (磐梯山). It's a live volcano. It's height is 1819m. According to the tour guide, during one of the eruption, the whole mountain collapsed and form a big hollow place. Of course, I didnt understand what the tour-guide was saying, it was Zhan Wei who made the translation.

During the winter, the whole Bandai Mountain is covered with snow.The FIS freestyel World Championship 2009 is gonna held here in Inawashiro Bandai Mountain.

You could see the ski paths above and below the pictures.

Also stop by 天鏡閣 (てんきょうかく) to see the renaissance-style villa built in 1908. They decided to make the Imperial Prince statue high up, unreachable by hooligan like me underneath.

Below is the house for Noguchi Hideyo (野口英世). Do not tell me you dunno who the heck is him. Open your wallet, flip out a 1000 yen notes. LOOK! His face! or go to Ueno park! His statue is right there standing holding a experiment test tube!

Well. I didnt noe who he was too. ::shy:: Forgive me. His story is as simple as any other great man in the world. Started out younger days poor, study really hard, met an accident, inspired to be doctor. Later he was a friend to Thomas Edison the lightbulb inventor.

Before he left tokyo for his doctor examination, he vandalised his own house's wall by carving this sentence "志を得ざれば再び此地を踏まず" It means he will never step into this house again until he is successful.

He was nominated a nobel prize winner, although didnt win, he found some cure on some syphilis desease. Later died researching on Yellow Fever virus in Africa. His famous last words being (私には分からない - I do not understand).

After visiting Noguchi's house, Zhan Wei is determined to find cure for A.i.d.S. So that I could sit in front of his Banting house to collect money for people to visit.

Another interesting scene in Inawashiro, due to it's National Park status, and environmental friendly, all the signboard, poles are either brown or green colour. Even their 7-11 is brown in colour. I imagine McDonald's would had been either brown or green too.

This super cool transfomer-alike looking train marks the end of our journey in Inawashiro. After this eye-opening greenery trip, I am inspired! I am full of aspirations! I am inhaling the air of continuous revolutionary ideas! I have dreams!! I shall make real my dreams, SO! I spent my whole Monday sleeping..... dreaming ...