Monday, October 16, 2006

Curse of the Golden Flower

"Hay Chow, don't ever think that I am one of the BrokeBack, I am watching you!"

English Title: Curse of the Golden Flower

Chinese Title: 满城尽带黄金甲

*Literally means Whole City Carrying Golden Armors*

Cantonese Title: 金花唠臭话/金花骂粗口

Malay Title: Bunga Emas yang Mencaci/ Sumpahan Bunga Emas/ Seluruh Bandar penuh membawa Armor Emas


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Why they get so upset over the ASLI (Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute) report? I dun understand. What's wrong if the bumiputra equity ownership is really as high as 45%? or whether it reached 30% yet, or not even 20%? If the studies by Dr.Lim Teck Ghee is true, they should be celebrating the fact that they had already successful in “dominating” the economic pie but not simply make public statement to scold the poor Dr. Lim. So what’s next? Prove that 45% is an inaccurate number so that they can continue taking credit whatever they never work for it? Good! I have one suggestion, continue get amused by the word “marginalize” started by beloved Khairy Jamaluddin. The evil plan might really works to take over Penang-where the electronic industry is whatever’s left to support our "global" economic. After that, Khairy can openly be a “mat-rempit” in Penang in his Vroomm Vroomm with Maya Karin. Yippie! Happy Ending.

Next election is coming soon. I am definately voting for Nik Aziz who is planning on a secret mission to steal Donald Trump's new WTC blueprint. This idea sound way cooler than those people who fight for a known rotten pie.