Wednesday, May 25, 2011

International Driving Permit

I am soon dispatching to France and Congo for 1.5 years to complete my Tech and Field Program for my company Schlumberger. I needed an International Driving Permit as one of the tons of documents needed to be submitted.

So, I was in Putrajaya the other day, applying for my Certificates of Good Conduct (yea, I am no gangsta), I thought I might also pay a visit to JPJ headquarters Putrajaya too. It turned out, they can't do the "transaksi" there cause they don't have counter. :-| So called "Ibu Pejabat"!

Came back to Banting, went to the shop-lot-turned-JPJ-office near Sidek's house, within 10 minutes, Tadah!

All you need is 1year or more of valid local Malaysian license, RM150 (valid for one year only), IC and license, copy of IC and license on the same page and a passport photo.

Contrary to some informations found on the web, your Malaysian license will still be with you.