Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Spring Time

After a dreadfully cold winter, you gradually realise it's okay to wear spaghetti string t-shirt in your room, and you started to wonder, "ey, why today not so cold one?!" then you carefully tip-toed to the bathroom and turn on the hot water tap, "ouch! Hot!". Then, you cautiously look through the window,


You know it's spring time when the grass is green again.

When a dad could spend a Sunday evening playing football with his kid,

When the picnic mat is out again from the frozen store room,

When the love birds know only how to chirp,

When you can still see your own shadow at 430pm around high rise building!

When the trees without leaves are so last week,

And when the sakura flowers shyly peeping through the beautiful spring day,

and Blossom!

It's Spring time and I cant wait for full bloom around next week! :)


Kryptos said...

the photo in your header is fantabulous!

these are prolly ソメイヨシノ (someiyoshino), a hybrid between somei and yoshino. it's the most common sakura in Japan.

Khek said...

wow... very beautiful!! very very beautiful!! :D

Maaaan... i loved the flowers and all!! It looks so good man!! :D

No more complaining about staying in the room! Gotta get up and run around. HEhe :D

Kim Huey said...

hay man, thanks. it's time for you to take out your SLR and start some shooting.

Khek yang!!! MY African safari DREAM!
ONE day! the lion king picture in your blog will be also taken by me! :D:D

Kryptos said...

i was thinking of going out for some shots today. then it started getting all cloudy at noon and now there's sleet, on and off... @_@"