Thursday, March 26, 2009

I dont even know how fast is this

Let's see,

27667kb/s, so it's 27Mbps.. which means 3.45MB/s?!

I have my own fiber optics connected right there under my table!! The internet guy even told me, please be careful not to bend the fiber optic wire! WHAT?!!! I only learn that in school,

"Chapter 1: Dont bend fiber optic."



lisa said...

that's like downloading a 20 minutes anime episode with rmvb format done at less than 30 seconds?!?

one thing for sure.. youtube will never lag anymore lol XD

How much is the internet fee?? fiber optic 0.o *drool*

cfh said...

we will send u a list of stuff to download. Please copy back for us when u come back.

Kim Huey said...

muaahaha!! it's so fast i have no more ideas what to download anymore.

Cfh, send me a list lar. :D