Tuesday, March 31, 2009

House Warming

What is great about being big sister or elder in Japan? Answer is, you could have a house warming party, invite your friends to come over to your house,but, you have them cook for you instead. Muahahaha!!

See Tatt was the chef of the day, he brought sushi ingredient and taught us how to make sushi. According to him, it's his first time making sushi but in my opinion, it was superb! made me wanna scream like the Japanese girls in high pitch tone, "OOOISHIIiii...!" **Glass crack**

Pity the guys, my room is so small, that they had to sit at the corridor while rolling the sushi. While me sipping my coca-cola, sitting on my bed, concentrating on the movie Red Cliff on the screen. (of course, on and off a quick step of walking over, giving a lil' of moral support, take some picture for this blog, and hustle off for my movie.)

I seriously had to admit, the guys were better in making sushi. I was helping out in trying to press the rice into rice clumps, the result was disastrous, I had my whole palm sticked with rice the first time, and the shape just didnt came out right till the end.

Someone suggested wasabi competition... everyone was gushing with tears while chewing. Suddenly everyone very touched, turned sentimental, everyone has tears in their eyes... sob sob! Oooishii..!!

Had a great time. :D

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Kryptos said...

walaoleh, it's an honour to appear on ur blog! u made me feel as if i'm a special guest to a cooking show :O

realy, it's an overstatement lah. it was fun nevertheless. especially the wasabi game! lmao!

i'll make something cooler during the next party ;)