Monday, October 16, 2006

Curse of the Golden Flower

"Hay Chow, don't ever think that I am one of the BrokeBack, I am watching you!"

English Title: Curse of the Golden Flower

Chinese Title: 满城尽带黄金甲

*Literally means Whole City Carrying Golden Armors*

Cantonese Title: 金花唠臭话/金花骂粗口

Malay Title: Bunga Emas yang Mencaci/ Sumpahan Bunga Emas/ Seluruh Bandar penuh membawa Armor Emas


Thursday, October 12, 2006


Why they get so upset over the ASLI (Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute) report? I dun understand. What's wrong if the bumiputra equity ownership is really as high as 45%? or whether it reached 30% yet, or not even 20%? If the studies by Dr.Lim Teck Ghee is true, they should be celebrating the fact that they had already successful in “dominating” the economic pie but not simply make public statement to scold the poor Dr. Lim. So what’s next? Prove that 45% is an inaccurate number so that they can continue taking credit whatever they never work for it? Good! I have one suggestion, continue get amused by the word “marginalize” started by beloved Khairy Jamaluddin. The evil plan might really works to take over Penang-where the electronic industry is whatever’s left to support our "global" economic. After that, Khairy can openly be a “mat-rempit” in Penang in his Vroomm Vroomm with Maya Karin. Yippie! Happy Ending.

Next election is coming soon. I am definately voting for Nik Aziz who is planning on a secret mission to steal Donald Trump's new WTC blueprint. This idea sound way cooler than those people who fight for a known rotten pie.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I am angry

Sometimes, I am often angry over nonsenses

• I am angry over the burning weather.
• I am angry over my hair color.
• I am angry over my inproportion body.
• I am angry that I have to do so much homework and revision and research.
• I am angry that I always end up with t-shirt and jeans.
• I am angry that I can’t do the Head-stuck-between-thighs-style of yoga.
• I am angry that the petrol price has risen 30cent.
• I am angry that I have to drive everyday. Every destination is out of reach without driving.
• I am angry that there’s so much unfair treatment on human rights, racial discrimination and social problems.
• I am angry over the savage and brutal killing of whales, shark and sea lion.
• I am angry that the major parts of the world politicians are just a bunch of monkeys.
• I am angry that I am afraid of walking under the bare skies. Bird shits give H5N1.
• I am angry that I am still eating chickens, ducks and eggs like nobody’s business.
• I am angry that MAS is loosing money like hell, yet still need government’s subsidise. Bunch of idiots.
• I am angry that by the year 2050, there are no more blue skies due to air-transport pollutions.
• I am angry that DiGi lost the bidding of the 3G spectrum. Must be corruption.
• I am angry that I am not a homo. So that I could hail for Ang Lee’s new film.
• I am angry too that I am not a religious extremist. So that I could raise my voice to ban Ang Lee’s new film.
• I am angry that soft drink can cause cancer. I love Coke.

Lastly, I am just angry it’s another boring Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I was on TV!

I was stuck in the salon for so long getting my hair done, suddenly a familiar face pop out in my mobile phone; it was Ru Yuan’s sms.

Kimmy Koh!!! Went to buy new clothes? U r on TV!!”

“Cant stop laughing! So happy to see you! My grandma said you talked so fast, what you talking about?”

“Now I am going to buy fish ball… bye! Haha, Happy =D Kimmy Koh was on TV!!”

GOSH!!!! That interview, I thought it would definitely be cut. Further Ru Yuan said it my chunk of face kept reappearing. I can’t imagine! Hihi, by all odds this kind of thing doesn't appear too often in my life and it certainly spice up my boring saturday afternoon a little!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Monday night, Sweety and I got invited to watch the premiere of Memoirs of Geisha, special credits to Allan who gave us the tickets. (Yippee! Sunny BoyZ champion stone[rocks]!) Reached there right on time, weird thing was we noticed many people holding those fantastic camera, me and Sweety thought, “Oh no! The paparazzi are here! Hide!” then we busy playing hide and seek among ourselves, fantasizing us being hunt by them. (Do not tell people that both of us are stepping into our 22year-old!) Ahem! Well, in the end, we did not escape them, poor Sweety got grabbed, “What do you think about the potential in stem cells in researches of helping the evolution of Scientology?" "Can you explain what is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?" *phew* -_-"And these are the pictures.

*Up*Down* Sweety in action of facing the paparazzi.

Anyway, it was kidda cool to find out that Jordan Chan was actually in the theater next to us watching his new movie with his fans, and off course it was cool too to realize that the camera “man” was actually a woman, and she was a kidda fashionable woman too, with the explosive hair and thick make-up as well.

Luckily we did not doze off during the movie, but almost. In the end of the show, we walked out, dizzy, but still trying to trace Jordan Chan. Too bad he was hiding in the male toilet, we shy shy to go in. Then head off to OUG Steven’s corner. It was awesome having Sweety’s companion that night, since she is a soon-to-be doctor, I take the chance to ask her many many many medical questions until she get annoyed. Off course got questions ask now lar, after she graduate she charge me money how? She described her experiences of watching the labor process, surgery and etc; Some ALL are chilling, spine-tingling thingy. Salute’ to Sweety! Soon, I‘ll be meeting her again, this time gonna list down a roll of questions for her till she shoo me away. Nyek Nyek!