Saturday, January 21, 2006

I was on TV!

I was stuck in the salon for so long getting my hair done, suddenly a familiar face pop out in my mobile phone; it was Ru Yuan’s sms.

Kimmy Koh!!! Went to buy new clothes? U r on TV!!”

“Cant stop laughing! So happy to see you! My grandma said you talked so fast, what you talking about?”

“Now I am going to buy fish ball… bye! Haha, Happy =D Kimmy Koh was on TV!!”

GOSH!!!! That interview, I thought it would definitely be cut. Further Ru Yuan said it my chunk of face kept reappearing. I can’t imagine! Hihi, by all odds this kind of thing doesn't appear too often in my life and it certainly spice up my boring saturday afternoon a little!

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