Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a WEEK!

It didnt feel like summer holiday at all until the last day after I handed up my report. Although still miles and miles of research works needed to be done, but at least it's end of the semester and I survived the spring semester!!

First stop: Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival. 東京湾花火大会

Same as last year summer, we played dress up in yukata and join in the massive crowds to watch the fireworks display. And same as last year too, I wore the same yukata, same obi, same shoe. (shhh..) well, I dont wanna spend another fortune for a whole new set. However, proud to say, it took me merely half an hour and only one trial to put on yukata this time! compared to multiple fail attempts last year!

Siska, me and Rainbow Bridge. Photo courtesy of See Tatt.

The fireworks was awesome. The gathering with Japanese Intensive course classmates was awesome too. Afterall, it's been awhile since the last gathering in a karaoke session.

Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival 2009


Later that week, discovered a giant watermelon after a big feast in Hanamasa Yakiniku Buffet in Shimbashi. There goes my diet plan ditch down into the gutter.

"You come one more step closer I am gonna smack your head with this giant watermelon"

Also, if you dropped-by Shimbashi, take a short walk to Ginza and stop by the Sony building, every year summer they have an event called Sony Aquarium. Except the real aquarium on the 1st floor, they will be also showing a 3D show giving you a glimpse of the legendary Okinawa aquarium.

The definition of kimochii waruii.

This sting-ray made Ahmet very happy becoz sting-ray has a happy smiley face. Note the diver behind, I accidentally took like hundred of pictures with his butt facing the camera. Nope, it wasnt intentional.

"I'm leaving on the JR train....."

All the different buildings with unique architectures in Yokohama is visually stunning. The interior design also equally breath-taking. Literally. Every time I take the long long escalator from Minatomirai line to Queen's tower in Landmark Tower, it never fail to make me feel nervous. It's like one slip, the fall rolling off the escalator is gonna be absolute killer. Gone case!

I brought this fear along to challenge myself to the observatory deck. Located 69th floor of Yokohama Landmark Tower. The elevator up this 273m tall building takes no longer than a jiffy. 69 floors, 273m tall, with a elevator with max speed of 750m/mins, it took only 40 seconds to be exact.

"Ladies and gentleman, you just reached 69th floor in 40 seconds"

The view up there was......... breathtaking. 1000yen is all worth it.

Met Patrick Star and Mr.Krab up 69th floor.

"Ooishii sou" Looks delicious! >.<

UFO attacking Yokohoma.

Yokohama Stadium

Minatomirai 21 day time

Minatomirai 21 night time

By chance, also saw a muted fireworks display from 69th floor.

Took a walk from Minatomirai to AkaRenga, on the way to Yamashita Koen, there's a newly built park. And they have this whole stretch of wall shining with blue lights. Not sure what is so appealing about this design.

I dunno, it looks like those electronic flies zapper to me.

Difference is this Zzzap human instead of flies.


stevelee67 said...

zap human which looks like flies...

zap u good :P

Kim Huey said...

hahaha..nv thought of that. Good one!