Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Getting one more one of these I will be having a heart attack.

It's already 2 times in a row this week. First one was Sunday around 8pm with magnitude 6.9 in epic center and with a magnitude 3 shaking my building.

Second one was Tuesday early morning 5.07am. It shook me up from my sleep. And nothing wakes me up except my sisters' annoying tickles and alarm clock after snoozing for 1 hour. So you know how strong it was. Magnitude 4 shaking me in 6th floor.

Now, I sleep fully dress, a tiny bag with all the emergency kits, prepared and ready to run!


m3lange said...

For me, the second one got me awake for just about 5 minutes. Even then, I thought I was dreaming before drifting back to sleep.

Kim Huey said...

hay, this morning there's another!

These earthquakes are getting more and more scarier.

Be prepared there. :)

Chng said...

is like that one lah....