Sunday, May 31, 2009


Taken during Sakura Season in Tokyo Institute of Technology

I was flipping my old albums and I realised I liked this photo so much. Compare to now, every weekends, it just has to rain! Little Kimmy wanna play! 梅雨は大嫌い!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feed the Hungry

I made salad. I felt great after eating, but not so great for the chicken family.


I ate the whole family.

I also found my happiness yesterday. Ikea sold 17containers for only 599yen!!! It's even cheaper than 100yen shop!!!

Now my fridge transformed into....

Realized there's a free shuttle bus from Denen-chyoufu to Ikea. Life is good!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stalk me

Google Map Street view is awesome!

**Update** Google Map Street View is still mind-bogglingly awesome!
東京工業大学 Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Yokohama 150th-Year Anniversary

Yokohama is celebrating it's 150th-year anniversary of opening of the port. They are having a series of events to earn your money celebrate this memorial period.

The first time I saw this poster for this event, I thought what was selling for 150yen.

The most anticipated event I would say is this giant Spiddy. Called the ENEOS La Machine. It's a 12m tall giant spider designed by a French company.

Spiddy attack

But it cost like 2400 yen to enter the venue 始まりの森 (Hajimari no mori) to see it up-close, so I could only afford to see it across the road. Funny thing is that this name could be easily related in Malay Language, Haji.Mari (Haji coming) , then turned out the Haji is a big spider!!! **not funny.. cold~~~**

The spiddy is operated by 10-men, weighting more than 37 tons. I was just in time for one of the daily performance. For 20 mins, the spiddy will move theatrically, spraying water to the audience. I would imagine from up-close, the movement would be spectacular.

There's so many sight seeing spots in Yokohama except Minatomirai 21 and China Town. Near the Yamashita Park (山下公園) and port areas, lies The Three Towers. Introducing the King's Tower.....

King's tower is the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office.

King's tower

I am not sure is it allowed in during normal season, but during this event, this sightseeing spot is open for public. You could get in and chill in the roof top area, from there, you could see the whole port area and also the Yokohama Stadium. I was deaf with cheering that day while some baseball game was on-going.

Next is the Queen's tower. The description on the Yokohama sightseeing spots website goes something like this "The Islamic like green dome of the Yokohama Customhouse is the Queen"

Queen's Tower

Lastly is the clock tower, Jack's tower as Port opening Memorial Hall. Loving the red brick wall.

Jack's Tower

The Yokohama Archives of History building was originally British Embassy back in Showa 6 (昭和6 = 1931)

Yokohama Archives of History

Now all it left was this pink telephone. :D
Nah, I was too late for the visiting hours actually, so couldnt see the rest of this building.

There was a International Costume Parade going on that. Initially I was planning to see the parade, but the time I got there, the parade was over, all what was left is this bus with Mickey on the driver seat.

Mickey Bus

This is so my future car light gonna be pimped!

and dragon and lion dance as the parade's finale.

It's not even CNY but all the shops were inviting lion dance to "ong" their shop up. Maybe since they already dressed up for the finale, why waste the opportunity to earn some business men money.

Check out lion's cool socks.

Hang out in minatomirai 21 area before heading home. This is located near the InterContinental The Grand Yokohama hotel.

I think it's a restaurant. Not sure.

and no Yokohama trip would end without snapping the signature sight - Ferris Wheel.