Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feed the Hungry

I made salad. I felt great after eating, but not so great for the chicken family.


I ate the whole family.

I also found my happiness yesterday. Ikea sold 17containers for only 599yen!!! It's even cheaper than 100yen shop!!!

Now my fridge transformed into....

Realized there's a free shuttle bus from Denen-chyoufu to Ikea. Life is good!


Kryptos said...

u genocidal creep!

looks good, though! where's d salad u promised? >(

Kim Huey said...

ooo.. it looks too good it just had to go into my tummy. :)

Kim Huey said...

btw, the 親子丼 was your idea! so you are the source of all evil. :P

Kryptos said...

me? no! i jz came up with the, uh, "analogy" (?) no, it's not an "analogy" but anyway, my point is, it's d evil japs who came up with d idea of killing both the mom and the child n make them into a meal.