Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Belated Christmas Dinner

Chocolate Fondue Fountain. Marshmallow!! Chocolate Fondue FOUNtain. Marshmallow!! CHOcolate FONDUE fountain. Marshmallow!! Chocolate Fondue Fountain. Marshmallow!! Chocolate Fondue Fountain. MARShmallow!! Chocolate Fondue Fountain. Marshmallow!! Chocolate fondue Fountain. marshmallow!! ChoCOlate Fondue Fountain!! Marshmallow!! ChoCOlate Fondue Fountain. Marshmallow!! Chocolate Fondue Fountain. marshmallow!! Chocolate FonDue Fountain. Marshmallow!! Chocolate Fondue Fountain. Marshmallow!! chocolate Fondue Fountain!!! MARSHMALLOW!! ChoCOlate Fondue Fountain. Marshmallow!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


PCS - Post Christmas Syndrome.

Definition: Retrovirus that is associated with the onset of rushing due dates during Christmas. Responsible for trauma developed after of not having Christmas celebration.

Causes: When the patient's siblings are all going for holidays in Singapore and taunt her of not able to join them.

Symptoms and Complications: Patient will post unrelated pictures on her blog on the 26th of December.

Click on picture for caption

Click on picture for caption

Psss! Big shout out to Joanne and Kuan Yew for their Wedding Day! Wish I were there for the celebration. Best wishes!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Holiday Season

Recently my life has really been centered around school, lab and assignments. So, I have no photos and updates to show you.

Except if you wanna know that graffiti is kidda a major problem in Japan, or someone has forgotten their keys.

Or, you wanna see the massive choices of drinks from vending machines and yet, I am addicted to coke.

Or maybe you wanna see my pissed-off face in a cold weather... Yea! It's friggin cold and I dont like it! I desperately need to bask in the glorious sunshine, best is the tropical sunshine with thick slap of sunblock... good old days.. good old days...

Or worst come to worst, I can show you the best pictures of all time from my blog collections, the Ueno zoo's awesome-kick-ass ape's butt.

The thing is, I made it a point not to mix up work and play. That's is the reason why you dont often see me blogging about my lab, research, and school. In addition to the reason that actually my lab is working on a super-secretive-world-domination evil project, I don't wanna reveal any secret that cost me my head. YOU DONT PISS IN THE WELL YOU DRINK!! (Oh! Maybe the last sentence here is not related, but I am just finding an opportunity to yell it out!), YOU DONT PISS IN THE WELL YOU DRINK!! (again...) but I really really really need to update my blog, so...

*Gulp Gulp Gulp*, three naughty bottles of beer boycotting Miss Orange Juicy Sunshine.

It was the year-end party celebration last Saturday. Everybody was suit up, ready to mingle in an environment where research was not the main topic of conversation.

Me and She-san in her fabulous cheong-sam.

We were jealous bachelor students had a group picture among themselves so we gather all master first year student and took this happy picture.

Saeki wanna steal all the spot light from us so we kicked him!

Because the alumi were all there, so we had to introduce ourselves. I was speaking in Japanese, but by the look of my face, I think I was too nervous and I crapped my pants.

And I think this guy found out, he cant help himself laughing his guts out.

Well, who cares, more alcohol please!

It was awesome fun sitting on tatami floor, the food and the drinks and the chatting, the accompany with lab members was beyond joyous, Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 04, 2009


I saw an elderly homeless women stooping her head real low on the priority seats during rush hour today. It was obvious because people were avoiding that section of the car due to the stench. I took a glimpse on her, and it was conspicuous that the rainy day yesterday did not leave her, her shoes were muddy and her clothes were still drenched. Despite the cold rolling eyes from other passengers, she held tight the little possessions that she had.

I wonder where are her family.

Suddenly all my troubles just seem so infinitesimally tiny, even unworthy of mentioning.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Autumn Ramble

It's definitely unlike my first year in Japan, whereby incomparably I had way more free time than now, however, I do not wanna miss the beautiful colours of autumn, so after careful planning, some of the weekends outings are actually made possible!

Two weeks ago, Ahmet told me this fabulous place called the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum (日本民家園) located inside Kawasaki, so as a reward of me finishing the preparations of my Monday seminar presentations earlier than scheduled, we headed straight off to this awesome place.

It's an open-air museum of the old Japanese Folk House from all around Japan. One of the most famous folk-house in the museum is the traditional houses which was originally located in Shirakawa-go, Gifu-ken. It is Japan's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, well known with their architecture style known as the gasshō-zukuri (合掌造り). You see, it snows so much in Gifu, so, this unique design allow the house to withstand the heavy snowfall.

Except beautiful scenery, it also exhibit stuff that the olden days people used. Like this below, was used to decorate the praying altar.

And olden days lantern.... not much changes since then.

Besides this museum in that area, it also has an art gallery, science museum, observatory deck. Definitely a recommendation if you wanna spend a day off inside Tokyo but away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Two weeks later today, it's a celebration after a mentally and physically tired weeks. Except the seminar presentation, also had to prepare another presentation as part of a course assessment. Then two exams the following week. Until yesterday, finally finished all my duties as an obedient and proud member of my lab to help out in an external exhibition in Yokohama. (Yeap! we won the university category presentation, more on that later). Further I was down with a flu, and still am, I think the definition of the word "tired" is unquestionably under-rated in Malaysia. Talk about tired-ness, I never knew the exact meaning until now.

Rambling asides, despite the weariness and the flu, with my early Christmas present's first outing, we went to Rikugien Gardens (六義園) located in Komagome Station.

Starting from yesterday up to 13th December, this beautiful garden is extending their operation time up to 9pm in conjunction of the "light-up" event.

What else could I say? Breathtaking scenery!

Sad to say, although very much like to hang out longer till deeper in the night before the starting of another busy week, sleepy-head and the flu just would not leave me alone. Maybe it's time to pay the docs a visit to make sure I am free of the ongoing violent attack of H1N1 here. Oyasumi. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Early Christmas Present

I got myself an early Christmas present last Monday. (more like a very lame excuse to buy meself something). Can you tell what it might be?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1,2,3 Action!

You could not imagine the excitement and happiness when the flight captain announce through to speaker to instruct his crew members to buckle up, prepare for landing on Malaysian ground, my joy just cant stop oozing out, from my fingertips, toes, nose, everywhere!! Filled with great joy!

Curious thing is, I am not even a very easily homesick person. But the thoughts of meeting everyone at home after 1.5 years of separations, was so exciting and meantime so comforting. My feeble attempt to act cool was overpowered by my own thumping of feet, rushing out the arrival gate, dashed to hug the two younger rascals and family waiting at the gate.

Merely this simple joy, kept me smiling throughout the one whole month of vacation back home. And a lot of things that were taken for granted by me before this meant even so much more. From down to driving my lil sis to school that used to be an annoying task (although I only drove her once throughout whole month), up to having a lone 6 hours road trip up to Penang Island, I enjoyed every single seconds of it.

All the gatherings and catch-up, also seem far more meaningful. Especially when everybody is so busy enjoying their own great life, a suitable time where everyone willing to stop momentarily with what their doing and give you their accompany was most precious.

It was truly one hell of a holiday for me.

Enjoyed a great buying spree in Cameron Highlands with family. I was so used to buying 3 sweet potatoes, or 1 sweet corn sometimes 2, 1 box of strawberry for myself in Japan, but these units does not make sense with my family market buying spree. Sweet potatoes? Let's get 3kg! Sweet corn? at least 100. Strawberry? let's buy 10 boxes instead. Phew!

Also, had the chance to learn diving in Redang Island. I remember I had written a post in year 2005 on "45 things you should do before 45", one of them is to get a diving license. Well, I got one now. One more slash out from my to-do-list.

Redang Island

This is my second trip to Redang Island. But never from this kind of perspective. On the first day, instructor straight away throw us into the 6m deep ocean for confined water training. Total more than 20 skills you have to master before the actual boat dive. Skills like half-mask clearing, full-mask clearing, hovering, CESA... it was so much fun!!

On the first boat dive, we were sharing the same space with this huge jelly fish. It's truly intimidating! All the happy feeling that Spongebob has for Jelly fishing doesnt apply here. Nevertheless, it's a surreal feeling from the serenity of the surrounding, when a school of fish encircling you and you swimming along side with them, it makes you into addiction, addicted to diving.

It was a good trip back home. And again, it's also good to be back Tokyo, fully charged and renewed to face the new semester.

Till the next holiday.

Petronas Twin Towers

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You aint messing with women in cape

Tuan tuan and puan puan, spring is definitely over now. Summer has come and gone too. So it's way overdue to do spiddy web cleaning for my blog. But it still did not deter me from putting on my batman cape and challenge my mentality to jump off the bridge.

I had tons of awesome stories to tell for my summer-holidaying in Malaysia, also been one of the craziest hectic week since I came back Japan.

Till the next time. Ciao.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pulau Redang

I went for 4 days 3 nights open water diving course in Pulau Redang, awesome experience! Wait later I have time to organize, will upload the tons of photos here!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

They made me broke but happy

I resisted myself to grab the cute hello kitty wrapping papers since these presents are for the adults in a traditional Chinese family. Imagine my granny opening the hello kitty wrapping paper....... Hmmph!!!!! ADORABLE! Should I consider re-wrapping?

They took me whole night to do the wrapping, but the final look make me so happy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tamagawa Fireworks

Image 1 of 8

You probably get sick of people uploading summer fireworks pictures. I promise this is the last time. For Tamagawa Hanabi 2009, we brought along merely a good-old-picnic style with coke, snacks, sushi, laughter and a faithful tripod.

Have fun clicking the next button in the photos.

Also, if you wanna get a "real feel" of the fireworks, below is the video people screaming "sugoi", "wuuhuu". But I must warn you this recording looks like a pirated cam-version of a blockbuster from the cinema, with people blocking the full view.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hi, My name is Bob

Image 1 of 3

Ps, You wont think I am just gonna post Bob's picture right? Try clicking the picture. :)

Also Pss, there's total 3 images!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a WEEK!

It didnt feel like summer holiday at all until the last day after I handed up my report. Although still miles and miles of research works needed to be done, but at least it's end of the semester and I survived the spring semester!!

First stop: Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival. 東京湾花火大会

Same as last year summer, we played dress up in yukata and join in the massive crowds to watch the fireworks display. And same as last year too, I wore the same yukata, same obi, same shoe. (shhh..) well, I dont wanna spend another fortune for a whole new set. However, proud to say, it took me merely half an hour and only one trial to put on yukata this time! compared to multiple fail attempts last year!

Siska, me and Rainbow Bridge. Photo courtesy of See Tatt.

The fireworks was awesome. The gathering with Japanese Intensive course classmates was awesome too. Afterall, it's been awhile since the last gathering in a karaoke session.

Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival 2009


Later that week, discovered a giant watermelon after a big feast in Hanamasa Yakiniku Buffet in Shimbashi. There goes my diet plan ditch down into the gutter.

"You come one more step closer I am gonna smack your head with this giant watermelon"

Also, if you dropped-by Shimbashi, take a short walk to Ginza and stop by the Sony building, every year summer they have an event called Sony Aquarium. Except the real aquarium on the 1st floor, they will be also showing a 3D show giving you a glimpse of the legendary Okinawa aquarium.

The definition of kimochii waruii.

This sting-ray made Ahmet very happy becoz sting-ray has a happy smiley face. Note the diver behind, I accidentally took like hundred of pictures with his butt facing the camera. Nope, it wasnt intentional.

"I'm leaving on the JR train....."

All the different buildings with unique architectures in Yokohama is visually stunning. The interior design also equally breath-taking. Literally. Every time I take the long long escalator from Minatomirai line to Queen's tower in Landmark Tower, it never fail to make me feel nervous. It's like one slip, the fall rolling off the escalator is gonna be absolute killer. Gone case!

I brought this fear along to challenge myself to the observatory deck. Located 69th floor of Yokohama Landmark Tower. The elevator up this 273m tall building takes no longer than a jiffy. 69 floors, 273m tall, with a elevator with max speed of 750m/mins, it took only 40 seconds to be exact.

"Ladies and gentleman, you just reached 69th floor in 40 seconds"

The view up there was......... breathtaking. 1000yen is all worth it.

Met Patrick Star and Mr.Krab up 69th floor.

"Ooishii sou" Looks delicious! >.<

UFO attacking Yokohoma.

Yokohama Stadium

Minatomirai 21 day time

Minatomirai 21 night time

By chance, also saw a muted fireworks display from 69th floor.

Took a walk from Minatomirai to AkaRenga, on the way to Yamashita Koen, there's a newly built park. And they have this whole stretch of wall shining with blue lights. Not sure what is so appealing about this design.

I dunno, it looks like those electronic flies zapper to me.

Difference is this Zzzap human instead of flies.