Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1,2,3 Action!

You could not imagine the excitement and happiness when the flight captain announce through to speaker to instruct his crew members to buckle up, prepare for landing on Malaysian ground, my joy just cant stop oozing out, from my fingertips, toes, nose, everywhere!! Filled with great joy!

Curious thing is, I am not even a very easily homesick person. But the thoughts of meeting everyone at home after 1.5 years of separations, was so exciting and meantime so comforting. My feeble attempt to act cool was overpowered by my own thumping of feet, rushing out the arrival gate, dashed to hug the two younger rascals and family waiting at the gate.

Merely this simple joy, kept me smiling throughout the one whole month of vacation back home. And a lot of things that were taken for granted by me before this meant even so much more. From down to driving my lil sis to school that used to be an annoying task (although I only drove her once throughout whole month), up to having a lone 6 hours road trip up to Penang Island, I enjoyed every single seconds of it.

All the gatherings and catch-up, also seem far more meaningful. Especially when everybody is so busy enjoying their own great life, a suitable time where everyone willing to stop momentarily with what their doing and give you their accompany was most precious.

It was truly one hell of a holiday for me.

Enjoyed a great buying spree in Cameron Highlands with family. I was so used to buying 3 sweet potatoes, or 1 sweet corn sometimes 2, 1 box of strawberry for myself in Japan, but these units does not make sense with my family market buying spree. Sweet potatoes? Let's get 3kg! Sweet corn? at least 100. Strawberry? let's buy 10 boxes instead. Phew!

Also, had the chance to learn diving in Redang Island. I remember I had written a post in year 2005 on "45 things you should do before 45", one of them is to get a diving license. Well, I got one now. One more slash out from my to-do-list.

Redang Island

This is my second trip to Redang Island. But never from this kind of perspective. On the first day, instructor straight away throw us into the 6m deep ocean for confined water training. Total more than 20 skills you have to master before the actual boat dive. Skills like half-mask clearing, full-mask clearing, hovering, CESA... it was so much fun!!

On the first boat dive, we were sharing the same space with this huge jelly fish. It's truly intimidating! All the happy feeling that Spongebob has for Jelly fishing doesnt apply here. Nevertheless, it's a surreal feeling from the serenity of the surrounding, when a school of fish encircling you and you swimming along side with them, it makes you into addiction, addicted to diving.

It was a good trip back home. And again, it's also good to be back Tokyo, fully charged and renewed to face the new semester.

Till the next holiday.

Petronas Twin Towers

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