Sunday, February 08, 2009


I havent have the time to do CNY decorations. So here is the replacement.

Tiny magnets of jumping frogs and swimming athletes with floats on my lab's working desk.

I also brought the spongebob calender to my lab. I hope professors wont ask me to grow up and start behaving like an adult!! *shy*

Although temperature maintained around 11degree throughout the day yesterday, it was sunny and perfect for strolling!

I was brought to a pregnant slim building in Meguro. See the red colour buldge. It's a driving school it seems.

Then went to Ueno Park.

The lotus flowers all decided that they wanna take a nap for the winter. So they all went to sleep.

But some flowers were cheated by the sunny day and assumed spring has arrived. They cant wait to sprout out to only realised that it's still winter. (Also maybe because of global warming?)

The Japanese has a way for the decorations on the floor, which I find it so adorable! The next time you visit Japan, do not forget to look down and see the piece of art you are stepping all over it.

"What are you staring at?" Grumpy green face.

"I love my new nose ring" Mascara-ed Sunflower.

Electrifying Sun.

Groovy grandpa.

Colourful Amoeba

Directory in Takayama.

It did not even snow once in Tokyo so I hope winter over soon already. I have enough of electrostatic shock already everywhere I go, and I have enough of cracking lips and dry skin.


Kryptos said...

i can't see what "jumping frogs" and "swimming athletes" have to do with cny... :S

Kim Huey said...

nope. not related. Not related to the jumping frogs politics in malaysia too.

Just forcely wanna relate CNY. :)

cfh said...

cny ending soon...

stevelee67 said...

I think that is Ume which is a kind of winter flower.

Kim Huey said...

Ume? Plum flower!

No wonder it looks so tasty! *drool*