Monday, February 09, 2009

Life After Exam.

Life after exam, it's very mind-bobbling. Cause all I could think of towards the end of my evening, is to decide which movie to watch. Too many movies, just too little time. *head-shaking in mild despair*

The Reader

If you are a fan of Kate Winslet's boobs, this is definitely a movie for you. She is showing off her body throughout the whole movie. Story begins with her having sexual affairs with a 15 year old boy, it turns out that Kate Winslet was one of the Nazi's guard during World War II, so after she suddenly disappeared after summer, she reappeared being prosecuted on court for murdering 300 Jewish women. That boy once upon a time, witness the court case as a law student, never stop loving her until the day he grew old and she died.

Movie starts with intense love scenes. Bombard you scene after scene like terrorist attack on the screen. I somehow doubted I was watching the "wrong-type-of-movie". Love and romance was never my cup of tea. This movie doesnt change my mind.


There's just no reason to hate or envy Angelina Jolie with her sexy lips. Her acting truimph it all. She as an ordinary working mum, played a strict but loving mom, found her son gone missing after a long day at work. Story based on a true story. Her son gone missing and corrupted police force are too occupied being corrupted. I would not include spoilers here. Wonderful twist in the movie, not to be missed movie.

Angelina Jolie was suppose to be a lady, a mom in the 1920's era. Soft-spoken and Oh-th0se-amazing-hats-she-wearing and to tolerate the male chauvinism. However, you can see a little bit of Girl Interrupted Angelia Jolie when she was thrown into the psychiatric ward and also that wee bit of Tomb Raider in the way she walks confidently in that movie. This gives the balance of being too goodie-too-shoes. It's no wonder the Oscar's nomination for best actress.


A documentary about Christianity, Jewish, Islam, Catholics, Mormon and Sciencetology by Bill Maher. The message of this movie was to encourage people to have doubts towards what they are believing. It's hilarious how he documented and presented the whole story. Like sarcasticly showing dinosaur in Flintstone to prove man and dinosaur coexisted thus no evolution of human from ape, man and animal were created within the 7 days! He made a lot of assumptions for example "What if Jack and the Beansprout is religion and Adam and Eve or Jonah living in the big fish for 3 days or Virgin birth are fairytales?" He agitated most of the people he asked.


On the way, Frost/Nixon, Grand Tarino, Hunger, Milk...

Too many movies... too little time... *more head-shaking with fierce despair*


Kryptos said...

actually, i think bill maher's too mild in the sense that he took the agnostic stance. i prefer richard dawkins. XD

Kim Huey said...

Just wikipedia-ed him. He was in front of the London bus atheist bus campaign wo.

Kryptos said...

a comedian, and a critic who targets almost everything; supports the legalization of marijuana...