Thursday, February 26, 2009


Snowman finally appeared in Tokyo's weather forecast! muahahah!!!!


lisa said...

finally it's gonna snow!
haha. I'm going to Tsukuba university this coming October. Hope to see snow too when i'm there, though it;d be autumn first for me. not bad i guess :p

Kim Huey said...

FINALLY!!! Snow!

Will jst wait and see. Dont wanna put too much hope and crash down hard when dissapointed.

Hay Lisa, congratulations on your enrollment in Tsukuba Uni. You would have a wonderful time in Japan for sure. Best wishes!

Kryptos said...

sorry for being a wet blanket. i checked the detailed forecast for ota-ku but looks like it's gonna be rain after all. mr snowmans are one next tue and wed though, so keep ur fingers crossed!

anyways, i dun care if it snows here cuz it snowed in seoul! muahahaha!

Kim Huey said...

Bluek!!!!!! dun be so proud!

Btw, happy belated birthday, 18th of Feb right? :D how was your trip?

lisa said...

Thanks! I do hope it will snow for you soon! Hope we can keep in touch then you can show me where to go next time when i visit Tokyo! hehe

Kryptos said...

>Bluek!!!!!! dun be so proud!

>Btw, happy belated birthday, 18th of Feb right? :D how was your trip?

Uh, were you referring to me??? my birthday is on october though...

but yup, the trip was great! i think i've almost finished covering seoul! gotta blog about my trip but there's so much to share i dun know where to start!

Kim Huey said...

ARH! my amnesia! sorry, old age is like this.

K, I will be waiting for your update.