Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of the Month

First Month Expenses Statement:

You will notice there are no room rent in the list. So, start from the first day of next month, i am 90000yen (RM2916) poorer on the first day.

and my softbank mobile phone bill is here, cost me 5000yen (RM162), not forgetting to reload my prepaid utility bills. (~10000yen)

Monthly Stipend, 170000yen (RM5508), and instantly 105000yen (RM3402) poorer.

I will survive!


Milk only, not mail.
Junk only.
Staircase to an apron.

This is not a big longkang(drain).

Because big drain wont have huge fish.

This is a baseball game. The japs love 'em.
This is not Myvi. It's Honda.
This is modern age. 2008. You are not dreamming.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Hay, my lil princess sis, it's your birthday!

So, i decided to buy you a very very big bear bear, however he felt asleep on the bike and it was too heavy to be carried back...

So, i got you sweets from a street named Kashiya Yokocho (菓子屋横町) in Kawagoe(川越).

You will feel you might possibly get diabetes if you stay too long on the street. But colourful sweets never fail to make all people happy.

I dunno what are they doing in this picture.

However, as elder sister, I need to protect and decide the best for you. For your best, I decided not to mail back the sweets to you, since I know you always forget to brush your teeth before bed. So, i am gonna eat finish all on behalf of you!

Happy 13th Birthday from your Second big sis.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I believe you haven't met my alien card.

Presenting to you...... *Drums roll..........*

*Clap Clap* Thank you thank you!!

Where is....

Hishamuddin is saying if needed, he would apologize for the keris waving gesture.

Koh Tsu Koon says racial issue is the main reason Umno lost. It should be a lesson and chance to renew thier thinking.

Rafidah is saying Abdullah shouldnt be the one who gets all the blame...

I don't remember seeing any statement made by dearest Khairy after the election. Well, maybe he still swimming in his overnight extra 6000 votes from outer space.

Btw, Mr. Garrison from South Park, is a man again!!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Awe for Shibuya, Ginza

*Warning! This post contains massive amount of pictures*

Shibuya Cross street Before & After pedestrian light

Nice Butt

The landmark of Shibuya & Ginza. (Left) Hachiko the dog, who waited his owner from 1923 to 1935 and later stoned into statue. (Right) Wako Building, western style department store.

Along with Paris Hilton Sex tape sell legally on the shelves, cosplay costume are available in W.i.D.E range!

Kabuki-za Theater. Show where people colour their face white white and dance.

Ate Thai food for lunch and drank Sake for Dinner
Mum, I did not get drunk. Look, I was all innocent! *Acting*

Highclass shops in Ginza. Swarovski and Burberry.

"Robbers shooting aimlessly at this shop thus caused the holes." said Mint. -_-"
Old Shimbashi Train Station turn restaurant.

It's was a happy day, like the lil guy below,
From a Happy Family! Yippie!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Killers

Sam's Town

Suddenly i realise no matter how many times I listened to their album, able to memorize all the sequence of all the songs in their album, their lyrics..but...but... I have NEVER really watched their music videos before!! :o

You-tube-d Bones, Uncle Johnny (the one who did cocaine) , Read My Mind (Shot in Japan), Romeo & Juliet, Tranquilize, For Reason Unknown (My heart, they dont beat like they used to), live performance on Exitlude.........Gosh! I love them even more.

They looked crazy

Am also listening to Kings of Leon - On call.
Miss you. Happy Working.

It's weekends & I am happy! :D

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pick-up lines

What's the most memorable pick-up lines you had?
Today, I have something really "extraordinary".

You see, our language Professor was so kind to bring us to Todoroki park to see creek and shrine. So knowing new friends are so definitely. Then, come this Korean guy, he told me in Japanese, " You look like you did plastic surgery!"........ *Silent*

Do I really looked that horrendous?! with loads of remaining stitches and scars and botox?! ....speechless....

Well, not exactly a pick-up line everyone could fall for it immediately I guess. :p

Japanese Intensive Course Student

My classmates & two teachers.

Later today, went to collect my Alien card, I was being courtesies to try to speak Japanese to a Japanese, and he looked at me, with considerably fluent English,

"Can you speak English?"

I went B.O.m.B! A Japanese asking me that! You think i try to ridicule myself by speaking broken Japanese?! It was a manner okay?! dammit! But... he was cute, so i forgive him. :">

To escape the routine since Japanese course started, registered to visit Fujikura plant in Chiba. It is a Fiber Optic company. After the tour, it still doesnt change my opinion that i hated studying about fiber optics, modified chemical vapor deposition, outside vapor, inside vapor, dehydration process..... (mainly because i didnt scored well in that subject during uni).

However, scenery on the way was awesome. Manage to catch a glimpse of nearer Tokyo Tower and Disneyland.

Tokyo Tower and Disney Land

I will definately visit them again, but surely not by driving rent car! Look at the signboard below. ??!?!?!?!?

No wonder the Japanese are so stress, even the signboard can make everyone crazy!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good morning, Good Night

550am, view from my balcony is like this. Yes, all bright.
550pm, view from my balcony is like this. And yes again, all dark.
I slept almost 6am last night, hook onto Grey's Anatomy, the streaming is only better during the midnight where i able to finish 4 episodes without waiting. I shud be studying my Japanese, please don't tell my mum I am doing no good here. :(