Sunday, April 13, 2008

First day in Japan

*2 April 2008*
I arrived Narita airport at 7am. After lining up for passport stamp and custom clearence, I was off to the arrival hall. Saw bunch of people holding cardboard with names in it. Finally located my name, gesture me to the counter to check my route to my dorm. I was the only one from Malaysia heading to Tokyo International Exchange Center, Odaiba, kidda sad without any accompany, but the Japanese guy who helped me arranging transport was cute & good looking enough to let me forget my pain, he even said Selamat Sejahtera to me, I was in loved for that moment. *dreamming*

Express bus ticket cost me 2700 yen and 90 mins to reach my dorm. On the way, there are line of sakura trees and awesome architecture along the way. I was all excited to take pictures at first, but later, i somehow dozed off....

Met with my senpai, Koh Hashimoto in the Le Meridien Grand Pacific Hotel bus stop. Along with Swe from Myanmar and her senpai Mint from Thai. All four of us headed to Tiec which is 10 mins walking distance. All the paper work and check-in, took us whole morning! Lunch, sight seeing around Odaiba and some shopping in the 100yen shop. Bid farewell at around 5pm, finally time to unpack, saw the tidyly packed luggage by sis and zy, i missed home.

Front door & walk in cabinet

Kitchen, room and toilet buttons

Bathroom & prepaid utility and phone bill

The most annoying part is when i am trying to make my bed. There's so many layers which i cant differentiate which sheet goes with which layer.

After dinner with Swe and Oo in a foodcourt in Aqua City , I went straight to bed and dozed off immediately. Zzzz.. * Hybernate* Cant blame me, i barely slept on my flight.


Anthony S. said...

Hmmph... Your McDreamy, eh? Tokyo seems like a nice place. Give me some time. I'll be there. Btw, did you took my bed sheet?

Kim Huey said...

I didnt take your bedsheet lar. just the blanket and pillow case... :">

arshana said...

Your room is so big! And clean. Brand new issit?

Anonymous said...

Halo.. dear flower... this evil gal forced me to leave a comment here.. really envy la... i really hope i have the chance to visit you someday, so u better dun come back 1st!~ hehe... only a few buddies of mine pursuit for master, wow!~ u r one of them... really proud of U!~ Anyway, please take good care of urself over there, and i know u can't even fry a omelette...-ching hong

Kim Huey said...

Arshana: Nope, dun think it's brand new. but the facilities are indeed quite good

Ching Hong!!!
I miss you ler! I know i always make you proud lar. so proud that you nv look for me after alpha! x-(
but indeed miss the good times. :)