Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Great statue, can't you agree?

night view & day view

However, Sweety realised Japanese have a thing for statue that look like stick! Like below:

This statue is award-winning-statue okay?

She laughed especially on the lightning grounding needle statue

That got my nerved pissed! This batang looking statue has a name okay?!

It's La Flamme De La Liberte!!

See or not?! E with a cap somemore!

Sked or not!


swee ;) said...

La Flamme? can produce fire? can cook maggie? wuahaha im gonna get whacked by jap ppl

Kim Huey said...

August you beware! i publish your statment in front of the De La Flamme with your name on it!

Anthony S. said...

They have statue of liberty? That's amedicano.

Kim Huey said...

Yealo. Statue of liberty, new york bridge & tokyo tower behind as backdrop. :)

fgifriday said...

fyi, again, another statue of liberty is also located in paris, i have seen all the statues in the world already, 55