Wednesday, April 30, 2008

End of the Month

First Month Expenses Statement:

You will notice there are no room rent in the list. So, start from the first day of next month, i am 90000yen (RM2916) poorer on the first day.

and my softbank mobile phone bill is here, cost me 5000yen (RM162), not forgetting to reload my prepaid utility bills. (~10000yen)

Monthly Stipend, 170000yen (RM5508), and instantly 105000yen (RM3402) poorer.

I will survive!


Kim said...

wei. i also very poor, mimi say wan SLASH my pocket money! how how how!

Freshy Go Inter said...

hmmm. not bad. if you subtract some non-daily expense like notebook fee and commuter pass, then you will survive, haha
but i thought you cooked a lot? i saw only 10 eggs? haha

Kim Huey said...

Foong: Got your own car you still complaint?! everyday go out yam cha, must not give you too much money to spend.

Freshy: i will have to cook more next month to survive through next month!

Anthony S. said...

can send the book receipt back for me. I need it for the income tax rebate :"> I hope they know how to read japs :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

emm, i've noticed kose is really that cheap in japan?