Saturday, May 03, 2008

Homecook Sushi

I was invited to have dinner in Prof. Ando house des ne

It was a dinner for Zhang's mum because Zhang's Phd graduation des ne.

We had Sukiyaki, Sushi, Soba, Tempura then later Japanese dessert wrap in sakura tree leafs des ne

They were so nice, i felt warmt des ne.

I am so now determined des ne!

I wanna speak Japanese without thinking des ne!

and repay Prof. Ando by passing my master exam des ne!

Highlight to read

This is how my Jap teacher speak English, i think i am becoming more like her. I am so proud of myself!


Kim said...

sushi king or genki of sakae or homecook?

Kim Huey said...

homecook sushi des ne!

Anthony S. said...

liquor again?

joyce said...

Home cook sushi is better than Sushi King? You better learn some skills wey, then come back M'sia cook for us... :P

Kim Huey said...

muahahaha! Yes Ma'am!

I already bought the vinegar needed for making sushi. (accidently bought it),so i think i should make the most out of it.