Thursday, May 08, 2008


This morning 145am, a strong shake woke me up from my sleep. Annoyed, (My sisters understand the level of my annoyed-ness if i was disturbed from my sleep), sit-up on bed pissed off, until i regained consciousness, realised it was earthquake.

Looking at the objects dancing like they came alive, me:

Doubting - Should I grabbed hold of my wallet, passport & bear bear biscuit. (Just in case i get hungry in the disaster center), Should I be hiding under the table...?!


Went back to sleep. ZzzzzZzz

My bed was shaking like the freaking scene in The Exorcist, but it somehow cradled me back to my dreamland.

I stayed in the 10th floor and near the ocean, every week, at least once or twice i could feel quake. I certainly realised that was the most serious quake i ever experience but i thought it was no big deal. Not until this morning when I went to class, everyone was talking about it.

A recorded magnitude 6.7!!!! I went =o

I should have stayed awake to feel the moment.. :(

More news here

*Kim Ean was worried that I was hit by my own radio once she heard the news this morning, problem is, I don't have a radio... duh!*


Freshy Go Inter said...

Japanese always have something cute hidden to themselves, haha. Being hit by the stereo speaker! How can you think of that!

Anthony S. said...

An automated cradle, eh?

Kim Ean said...

Lucky you, no radio, better dun buy 1.
6.8 earthquake n u fast asleep, i think only when the earth split into half will wake u up!!!

Kim Huey said...

I was scared at first okay. So helpless, so miserable, so pathetic...

Helpless & meserable & pathetic makes you feel tired okay?!

Kim said...

The first time u told that u experience an earth quake, Gugu said "震震下就会贯了".
This prove him right. Only one month u in Japan, and u can fast asleep in a 6.8 earthquake. So used to it huh!

Long time nv disturb ur sleep dy! XD

Kim Huey said...

Yealo. So very true.

Foong, let The Family know i am okay k? Tell them about what i wrote in this blog. I bet popo must be shaking her head thinking her grandchild was born a piggy in previous life. hhahaaha..

Kim Ean said...

yalo, call her also cannot wake her up.
Last time I used to pat her continuously 1000x, then she finally wake up n feeling piss.
Can you imagine how proud am I that moment, with my perseverance, I finally succeess.

Kim Huey said...

Big Sis, i am so proud of you too!

I definitely know it wasnt any easy task to wake me up! and you did it!! :-* kiss kiss! please hold your preserverance, till we see each other again!! xD

Anonymous said...

family talk here?3 sisters here..haha...6.8 earthquake..sounds like sup sup suai for u ...still can continue still like "god pig number 22"...i like what ur Gugu said,"震震下就会贯了" {Allan}

Kim Huey said...

Allan!!! so happy to see you dropping by!

You lar, nv put up any comment, so i bribe my siss for the comments. bluek!

still got one more sis din appear yet. that one still blur blur. hahah. :p