Monday, May 19, 2008

Tea Ceremony, Welcome PartiesSs..

Last Saturday, was TIEC Spring Welcome Party. Among the stores are Malaysian food prepared by Monbusho government servent scholars with their whole families. Teh Tarik and Nasik Lemak.. Nothing compares to the authentic Mamak Teh Tarik.. Booooo....!!

They have calligraphy (書道), and tea ceremoney (茶道). Tea cereMONEY ceremony was interesting. It was so interesting I thought I saw Ghost broad day light!

Steps in Tea Ceremony:
1) Eat 1, eat sweet and then only drink bitter tea will be in good kimochi. *_*
2) Use 2 to stir 3 for 30 times.
3) By using right hand, hold the bowl onto your left hand.
4) Swirl the bowl 3 times. (Turn.. turn... turn..)

Of course, my main purpose was to take pictures and eat free sweets. The master of the tea ceremony is still the ghost-liking Zhen Zi.

You can click the video below to see how she prepare tea... which took ages. I am impress she could remember all the detailed steps.

The guru, The Lenglui and the Baby Phat

Last week too, our school welcomed us.

I hate this picture. I look like a dwarf!!
Now you get what i mean?

Nothing much, it was school day the next day. Party ends 8pm.

Long ago too, 5th floor welcome their residents. I stayed in 10th floor, so it was really none of my business. It was the food!

Aaron from Malaysia, and ..... forgot her name.

Sang Rasa Sayang to the crowd, later regret it. Becoz Indonesian claims Rasa Sayang is their songs and we used for Visit M'sia theme.. well.. I should had just sing Uncle Johnny who did cocaine! Yay..!


Freshy Go Inter said...

welcome to tokyo, kim! hope you have a pleasant life in tokyo! eiei

oh, forgot, have been here for almost 2 years dy, haha...

Kim Huey said...

you mean 2 months? :p