Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where are the Chipmunks?

Chipmunk sound from the notebook speakers are being replaced by Creative I-Trigue 3220. It's the cheapest on the shelf, cost me a whoopy RM226. (I am a poor student, remember?).
Best part is it comes with a volume and bass controller.

Since I decided not to be a illiterate in this country, got myself a sparkling red dictionary by Sharp. Bargain at RM706. Gonna shine my way through with this red baby.

However, Total cash paid today is only RM150. Becoz of the points collected from previous purchase. So Big Sis, I am still very poor here. Please don't get me wrong. :D (I accept cash, cheque bank account transfer.)


Anthony S. said...

Gee... SO nice. I couldn't even afford a decent speaker here.

Kim Huey said...

What are you trying to hint?! /:)

Kim Ean said...

me also, cannot afford a speaker too :(

arron said...

u shud get ur self an headphone :P

Kim Huey said...

Headphone? it's too nuisance... I think next door cant hear me even if I blast my speaker.