Sunday, May 18, 2008

Odaiba お台場

'Kim-San, Where do you stay?'

'Odaiba, Tokyo International Exchange Center'

'Must be costing you a fortune? 300k yen?'

'Not Exactly, 45k yen.'

By this time, his saliva already drool down the floor.

I nv understand at first, 45k yen is cheap? Now I do. Odaiba is a land reclamation initially built for defences purposes, later into seaports, and now a perfect spot for young couples for dating, shopping, and lepak.

Water Transportation

Block B my block front view and Side View

Spot my room

Everyday to and fro campus, from my corridor the view is Fuji Television (Represent Takuya Kimura), Rainbow Bridge, Replica of Satue of Liberty, Museum of Maritime Science, vaguely the Tokyo Tower, Palette Town Ferris Wheel. From my balcony, it's Miraikan musuem, Telekom Center Building. 3 shopping malls include Decks, Aquacity and Venus Fort.

(1) My personal Mailbox (2) Fuji Television (See the ball like thingy? That's observation deck)

(3) Musuem of Maritime Science (4) Ferris Wheel

(5) Night views from Corridor( spots Tokyo Tower on the Right pic)

(6) Venus Fort Shopping Center

Other Side of the island is Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo International Exhibition Center

Routine life is to try to make it to the 816am train, or not, 822am, most late is 827am. By all means, these train arrive on time and door close right on the dot of the departure time. Leaving the pathetic me behind gasping for air, eyes wet, weeping while looking at the train whoops away. Being late is such a big deal here, problem is, I am still having problem waking up in the morning!

What is Men in black doing in the Tokyo Subway? Can he transports me every morning instead of taking the train? I am missing driving to a destination, missing taking for granted to park directly infront of shop, miss grumbling furiously while searching for a car park. So sick of walking! My legs are like lobak dy. Cook soup sure tasty. Yum Yum! X-D


arshana said...

You get to see all that from your corridor? Cool.

Anthony S. said...

Haha... But, u can't have seaview there. I have it every morning before i reach my office.

Kim Huey said...

Arshana: Yea, lucky me huh. Too bad can only stay one year here. Have to move out by March'09

A.See:Did i mention Odaiba is kidda an Island? But penang seaview everymorning before work, still more satisfying. and See-View. :p

Freshy Go Inter said...

after getting paid, i will take you to bike shop, haha.

p.s. really miss that atmosphere since now i see nothing from my corridor, but glass and wall...