Monday, May 12, 2008

Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park

Despite the sky is whining annoyingly, and the sun playing hide & seek with us, fooled us with only ~11 degree celcius, I HAVE to get OUT of my room!

So, Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park Tokyo is the 2nd best thing to get some home feel. Mainly the food is oily and tasty, their tom yam or curry is a bit too spicy for me, BUT still fully satisfy my taste bud that was once anesthetized with Chau Keow Teow, Bak Kut Teh, Maggie Goreng..... Arh! it's always about the food!

Small part of the Park 'infested' with human.
Tuk Tuk for sales.

Met Kelly and Noel in the Festival. But they left early for another party. Leave the just-wanna-get-out-of-my-room-ME dangling plan-less.

For geeks like me who mix with geeky people from Technology school (sorry Warit & Ernesto, but we have to admit we are geeks). All we do is feeling enthusiastic merely taking pictures with Asimo or acting transexual behind cardboard. We are Happy Enough.

Me feeling macho & Ernesto feeling p.r.e.t.t.y!

But we never never thought, seeing live Potato is SO MUCH FUN!

...... (I mean, Potato the band from Thailand, to play live in Yoyogi park.)

We had no idea what are they singing about, but we just scream and scream like some lunatic fans on the loose. I think this is what happened when geeky people like me was locked in cage for too long. >>Eggrrr....!!<<

Fans club of the lunatic asylum.

I was also laughing my guts out when Nicolas & Ernesto these two Latin Americanos trying to pronounce 小鸡鸡,大波波, 大肚子。

Learnt how to pronounce 1 to 10 in Thai... Neung, Song, Sam, Si, Ha, Ho, Jet, Pek, Kao, Shib. Muahahaha! The next time I go Thailand, don't try to cheat me with numbers. I am good at counting now! *proud!*

Went back home at around 8pm. But not forgetting to drop by Apple Store photo booth to snap this photo.
Marks the end of the insanity and Tom Yam Kung.

PS: Mi, Happy belated Mum's day!


Freshy Go Inter said...

懐かしいね、next festival is Malaysian Festival ne, find one and let's go! hehe

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