Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shinjuku, Kamakura

Being a Tokodai Student is really not an easy deal especially for the first 2 months.

While picnic-ing on the grass, the birds were chirping, the flowers are blooming, the refreshing breeze... We argued. So fierce that we attracts onlooker attention. They are so afraid we might kill each other. Ya know. Scary stuff.

Ernest INSISTED that we should go to his house to play his newly bought Mario Kart Wheel for Wii.

I YELLED back, I will not waste more time hiding indoor on a super fine, not rainy weather.

In the end. I 'sort' of won. :D

Victory Products:
Shinjuku - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (45 Floors)
Spot Tokyo Tower.


Krispy Kream Doughnuts - Look at the queue

KabukiCho (歌舞伎町) - Red Light District of Tokyo, Place where the Yakuza and all the pimps hang out.

Went to Kamakura (鎌倉) the next day. One hour train ride from Odaiba.

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine (鶴岡八幡宮)

Wedding Ceremony on-going. One morning in this shrine, we witness at least 3 marriages. I do not understand the Japs. They like getting married, but when you see young couples pushing baby stroller, try peeping into the strollers, you will see furry animal nicely dressed instead. Yeap, dogs triumphs lil babies here in Japan.

In addition, please prepare at least 10000 yen (RM324) as 'Ang Pau' if you wanna attend a wedding dinner here. I heard 10000yen, you will still get those cheapskate stares from others. *sweat*

The miracle of this stone is, instead of being smaller resulted from wind erosion, this one grew bigger. Represent good luck, and longevity.
"You talking to me?!"

Nothing beats the happiness of seeing a flying pig

Compare to the train in Tokyo, which speeds like hell. This train is totally the contrast, slow, old....ZzzzZzz. 6 stations felt like 120 stations.
Kotokuin Temple (The Great Buddha) (高徳院)

Buddha miniature. I was doubting from which part I should start biting, the head, or the butt? In the end, to show respect, I shallow the whole thing at once.

Also tried the Omikuji (御神籤), where you pray pray and a stick drop, the stick represent your destiny. If you get bad luck, instead of waste it, you tie the paper on the rack above, hoping bad time will be over. I got to bring the paper home, although written inside that my bf is gonna run away.

Today, I ffk Yap and Kenny to go to Yokohama China town (横浜.中華街). I am sorry, I have to treat my swollen legs. I am not trying to fret here, but seriously too much walking. -_-" Next time k?


arron said...

nice place u have been there. but last weekend while playing around with the astro controller i stop at channel 551 if not wrong... guess what... its the nanking .... where japan attack china etc... they interview a women who is rape... and some ex-japanese soldier who actually join the "party". well the jap can still laugh... smile... the chinese are so furious and angry...

arshana said...

Nice pictures! Esp the one in the header.

Kim Huey said...

Arron: Indeed very sad history. Depends on which perspective you are looking from, opinion might varies. Certainly hope changes are going to a better direction, for example recent earthquake, Japan is the first to offer help. So, hope for the best.

Arshana: Thanks! thank you so much for dropping by. How's your preparation for Oct?

arshana said...

I'm preparing very slowly. Haha. Planning on memorizing all the katakana & hiragana before I get there. And maybe learn a bit on my own.

Anthony S. said...

You ate Mr. Buddha?!

Kim Huey said...

Tasty Mr. Buddha!! yum yum

Li Wei said...

The next time you come back, you are getting krispy kreme for me! Make sure k! :)

Take care there and hope all's good with you.

Kim Huey said...

Liwei!!! I scared i beh tahan, swallow everything before Krispy kream reach your hand!