Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Grassy Day


Evelyn took this picture, I stole it from facebook, and i thought i should put it here.

28th April 2008

I just learnt how to pronounce his full name today - Warit Saenghiranwatana
The guy with chopstick - Know he from Brazil, forgot his name.

Ernesto from Bolivia. He likes the sun.

Siska from Indonesia. She don't like the sun.

Middle is me. I don't like the sun either. But we all can't resist sitting on grass after lunch especially on nice weather.

Suppose to be a small walk after lunch. But ended up in Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Tomorrow is the day of Showa, Happy Birthday Emperor Hirohito! Thanks for the one day off for me! :D


Freshy Go Inter said...

how can you manage to get my name written 100% correctly?

Kim Huey said...