Monday, May 26, 2008

Anime Characters Fiesta

Came back from lunch and surprise to find anime characters invades underneath my block.

I was so excited to wanted to take pictures, but no photographing was allowed. I doubted, I went blank! It was such a Fiesta, such a rare occasions to see more than 300 400 cosplay gather together... No Photographing?!!! What the ....!!!

So, I on my camera, pretended that I was shooting the row of flags, or the n-shape building behind, and whoosp, i went dissapeared behind the tree.

Then i went to the other side of the block, walk pass quickly, snap! another shot. I SURVIVED!

I am sorry, this is the only 2 photos I could get. Try to imagine a place infested with all the anime characters, who knows what weapon or power that they might have. Who knows too they might make a circle, hold hands together, chant some curse and combine strength to turn me into a frog or mouse.... If only I could be transparent!! Sigh.


arron said...

it must be very hard to imitate those female anime... those which give "half ball" but still kenot fit the their outfit one... got ar?

Kim Huey said...

hahaha.. i saw princess walking with two servents and an umbrella. pretty cool.

Seriously, i dunno what are they up to. coz they are taking pictures among themselves, like setting up lighthing and tripod. I think photographying competition going on? 8-}