Monday, September 01, 2008

Artistic & Samba day

This was the replacement of Ahmet's evil plan after we couldnt get hold of the Ghibili Musuem's tickets.

We went Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Such an eye opener for me. I mean, firstly, I dunno there's motion art and still art. For motion art, staring at a plate of fruits for 10 mins to see it rot it's actually a kind of art! Further, to compare the rotting rate of a rabbit with a peach...... or to see people taking off clothes, wearing back them again.... or a man, jumping into a pond, after maybe 5 mins pausing on air....

Image from Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography website

I feel I am a better person now. I appreciate art.

Walk around Ebisu, they have Beer Museum, but we wasnt in time to get in. However, it does reminded me of Hokkaido very much.

Sapporo Beer Station in Ebisu

Ebisu Garden

Ebisu is a uptown where all the famous people hang out. Well, it's so obvious. One dinner in a Chateau restaurant costs about 26k yen per person. RM824. We left our LV, Burberry, Jimmy Choo accessories at home, and we think we cant get in with RM30 sling bag, FOS T-shirt, brandless heels, so we just stood there take picture..........

Standing in front of La Table de Joel Robuchon, the chateau restaurant of modern French cuisine

Just in time to catch one of the last fireworks for the summer, right here in Odaiba. Now I understand what my lil sister meant by Smiley fireworks.


Rainbow bridge and Tokyo Tower

Also went Samba festival during the weekends. I know, the lanterns backdrop doesnt match the sexy-feathered-skimpy dress samba dancers. and the crowds, is one of the most passive crowds ever too.

Samba samba.

It was a rainny Samba. But, I was excited to see crayons marching on streets while dancing samba.


They have skimpy dress ladies, of course they have skimpy dress man too. For the balance!

Click to watch the video.

Ended the day with a 2 hours walk from Asakusa to Ueno Park, and then home. It was a good day.

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