Monday, September 08, 2008

Holidays! 916

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Do you really need 50 Member of Parliaments (MPs) on a 8 days "study trip" to Taiwan? To explore Taiwan’s agricultural and industrial technology?! WTF

These people dunno how to use google? Come on, one click in google, every damn thing in the world could be display in front of you. I am expert in reading technical papers, copy and paste what other people did and claim it my own with a quote. I acquired this talent naturally during my uni time and not until recently Ahmet reminded me the discovery of my own ability again. Every other Engineering background students also has this ability, unlimited to MMU, or Malaysia, but the world.

I dont mind teaching these techniques to the 50 MPs if they want to "explore Taiwan’s agricultural and industrial technology". I can even do a little target objectives, some simulation, a little flow charts for them , no need them go all the way to Taiwan so troublesome. お疲れ様です ::wink::

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Anthony S. said...

oo.. don't they know Malaysia have advanced technology designed for agricultural as well? Like one the Prof. Chuah Hean Teak and Dr. Khoo Voon Cheat's scatterometer to monitor earth terrain and crops? We have tons of brilliant minds here all wasted. And now we are like f*cking immigrants or something. We are the Jews of this country, for God sake. We bring the economy up. Even if we commit crime, we made sure the money end up to the poor.