Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ghibili Museum

Once upon a time in a faraway land, silhouetted on the dark horizon, stood the shelter for many mysterious creatures of Ghibili Castle.

Guarding in steady position is the ticket collector.

He doesnt greet you, he doesnt collect money from you, he doesnt smile to you, he just stood there bemused.

The castle also live the intriguing strange cats couple. They leered people from their window, sneering the scurry passerby.

Some feeble petite creatures, are held captive in the mossy underground dungeon.

Guarded by the vigorous metal grandeur machine.

The only way to exit this caged mystical castle,

is to use this door and sail away to the never-ending land.

The End.


Anthony S. said...

hmmph.. is this a Rupunzel or Harry Porter?

Kim Huey said...

Rupunzel need to have long hair and unicorn.

Harry potter need to have magic wand and pointy hat.

Either both has castle.

So i guess it either and neither. :)

Chng said...