Tuesday, July 28, 2009


If you have been reading my blog, you would kidda notice that I disappeared from the blogger scene since ...well, 10 days! Like I have dissipated (No, not constipated), like I have turned into cloud of smoke and gonE FOREVER!!!

What? I have a life in the real world too you know! except blogging and facebook-ing!

nah, I dont have a life except blogging and facebook-ing! :)

Ando and Hirokawa Lab

It's a yippie day today! Coz I finished my final's papers! So I put my awesome lab group picture with all the happy people!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Living on the train

During rush hour, everybody bring along their long-faces to board the rush-hour train.
These train, is no fantasy chuu-chuu-neverland-train. It's train-of-hell, train-of-sardine, train-of black-suits.
However, every now and then, you will some funny characters shining among these dull, uninspiring, big-yawn people.

1) People who read. (including some adults reading comic or some hentai stuff).

2) People whose fingers glued to the mobile keypad. (laptop, handphone, TV)

3) People who blast their earphone, and I know he is listening to some J-pop.

4) People who sway and dance along the J-pop.

5) Heroic Station Attendants with awesome biceps who stop the door for last minute train-dasher. (I heart this)

6) Heroic Station Attendants who push people into the train. (I hate this)

7) People who snap pictures of the pornographic advertisement on the train. (non-stoply and then giggle).

8) People who trying to find treasures behind the seats of the train. (and giggle after he found some rubbish) - unfortunately Kim Ean saw this mental case. :)

9) Homeless people who live on the train. So morning and night, you will see him walking along the train doing nothing.

10) People who eat bento on the train. (That's me, sometimes Onigiri).

11) Girls with completely no make up putting on make-up on train and transform into Britney Spears during concert.

Just when I thought I have seen it all......

I saw someone curling her hair in the train with battery operated HAIR CURLER!

I have so much things to learn living on the train.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Night

On a summer night like this, staying at home to study for finals is not the best thing to do. How I wish I could put on my night adventure mode, sneak to the river and dip my feet into the cooling stream of water. Lay carefree-ly upon the soft grass, counting stars on a clear summer sky.

I am listening to too many romantic songs. It's getting into me. I am not like this you know.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Money not Enuff

I had curse the F word,

I had uttered romantic words that could make the birds dance in rhythm.


I had/has/will, never ever ever say,


Life sucks

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Real Size Gundam in Odaiba

久しぶりにwent back to my "home" for last year, Odaiba to witness the giant anime character came to life. The 18m tall 1:1 scale of RX-78-2 Gundam model. It will be there from now onwards till end of August, so Gundam will be joining me for the Odaiba fireworks too. I hope he will consider putting on Yukata(浴衣) for the Hanabi festival (花火大会). Here for more details.

18m tall is around 11 me stack together.

Gundam will move and tilt his head, shine light-saber torch, and spray water to the audience as finale.

Awesome Gundam.

At first, I wanted to wait till the night to see the lighting effects, but I allocated longer-than-I-thought-it-would-be-shopping-time for my shopping spree in Odaiba. Mainly coz I ran out of money. So I reached Gundam earlier, snap a few photos, and too tired to wait till the night.

Then I saw this long line people queuing up. It turns out to be you could walk under the gigantic robots and snap picture of him from upclose. Like really really up close, like, down there.............

I am pretty sure Gundam was a bit shy himself letting all this although tiny, infinitesimal, worthless human to walk underneath him and take picture from his down there.

So he decided to disguise with thick mustache and nicely trim eyebrows.

"no one recognize me! no one recognize me!"

I am not sure what his archenemies will think of his new look.

Me, one of the worthless human snapping his picture from down there.

Then I touched Gundam's leg, pray pray and hope I pass my final examinations.

Finally, the soft side of Gundam.

Arh.. so sweet....


You wont wanna mess with the Jap girls when they are in shopping mode. It's nasty!

Arigatou Michael!

The preparation for Fuji Rock Festival'09

I find this cute little shop hiding out of the main street very cute.

It's sales season in Japan. Every year during January and July, it's shopping spree! And its really dirt cheap. A pair of bottoms from H&M only 500yen! 500 yen I cant even get a meal of decent food here! I love summer sales! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

You know you are in Japan long enough when..... [update]

-1) You pronounce "network" as net-to-wa-ku. "system" as si-su-te-mu. "cut" as cut-to.

0) You spell "レベジイ" (Revenge) as rebenge.

*********************Last Updated*********************************

1) You wave your hand to turn on the light. (Most of the switches are motion-detector)

2) You wave your hand to turn on the light when you are sitting in the toilet for too long. (The light goes out because of long period motion-pause time.)

3) You nod your head like there's no tomorrow even talking thru phone. Sometimes till the extend of bowing 90 degree. "Hai! HAIII! HAIII!!! Wakarimashita!! HAAAIII!!!!" (nod nod nod bow bow !! )

4) You buy everything from convenient store (sebun-erebun, aemmu-piemmu...) ranging from beers to disposalable underwear.

5) You stopby every 50 steps to buy drinks from vending machine.

6) You buy umbrella from a vending machine.

7) You buy instant noodle from a vending machine.

8) You buy chocolate bar from a vending machine.

9) You buy battery from a vending machine.

10) You have all sorts of point cards, Tokyu card, Yodobashi card, Pasmo, Suica, Yamada Denki card, Sakura-ya card, Nanaco card, Ikea Family card.... (or is it just me?!)

Help me update.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

July dy!!!

I purposely open the "butt-shape" colourful rainbow graph [ It's called the contour graph you retard! ] and matching it with my awesome happiness Spongebob calender I got from the 100yen shop in this photo to make me look smart and look busy. The papers are bunch of scribbles as last minute work for assignment due the next day. Btw, they are in bunch of greek's symbol and equations and equations! They made me look smart too, but I have no idea what they mean.

It's July! in one month time, it's end of this first term and off for Summer holiday!! Wuuhoo!! I cant wait to go home. I could smell the taste of Nasi Lemak, Maggie Goreng, Bak kut teh and Dimsum in my the corner of my mind dy! Kenot forget Teh Tarik. ! **drool**

I will be having one month of Summer Holidays in Japan before heading home! Money money money, in a poor monbushou scholar world, so have to decide between Fuji Rock Festival 09 jam pack with lineups like Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, Weezer, Lily Allen, Ben Harper, Jimmy Eat World, Jet, Fall Out Boy!!! or, Nagasaki Hiroshima!!! or.. Stay home... Worst.. stuck with lab work.