Sunday, July 12, 2009

Real Size Gundam in Odaiba

久しぶりにwent back to my "home" for last year, Odaiba to witness the giant anime character came to life. The 18m tall 1:1 scale of RX-78-2 Gundam model. It will be there from now onwards till end of August, so Gundam will be joining me for the Odaiba fireworks too. I hope he will consider putting on Yukata(浴衣) for the Hanabi festival (花火大会). Here for more details.

18m tall is around 11 me stack together.

Gundam will move and tilt his head, shine light-saber torch, and spray water to the audience as finale.

Awesome Gundam.

At first, I wanted to wait till the night to see the lighting effects, but I allocated longer-than-I-thought-it-would-be-shopping-time for my shopping spree in Odaiba. Mainly coz I ran out of money. So I reached Gundam earlier, snap a few photos, and too tired to wait till the night.

Then I saw this long line people queuing up. It turns out to be you could walk under the gigantic robots and snap picture of him from upclose. Like really really up close, like, down there.............

I am pretty sure Gundam was a bit shy himself letting all this although tiny, infinitesimal, worthless human to walk underneath him and take picture from his down there.

So he decided to disguise with thick mustache and nicely trim eyebrows.

"no one recognize me! no one recognize me!"

I am not sure what his archenemies will think of his new look.

Me, one of the worthless human snapping his picture from down there.

Then I touched Gundam's leg, pray pray and hope I pass my final examinations.

Finally, the soft side of Gundam.

Arh.. so sweet....

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