Saturday, July 11, 2009

You know you are in Japan long enough when..... [update]

-1) You pronounce "network" as net-to-wa-ku. "system" as si-su-te-mu. "cut" as cut-to.

0) You spell "レベジイ" (Revenge) as rebenge.

*********************Last Updated*********************************

1) You wave your hand to turn on the light. (Most of the switches are motion-detector)

2) You wave your hand to turn on the light when you are sitting in the toilet for too long. (The light goes out because of long period motion-pause time.)

3) You nod your head like there's no tomorrow even talking thru phone. Sometimes till the extend of bowing 90 degree. "Hai! HAIII! HAIII!!! Wakarimashita!! HAAAIII!!!!" (nod nod nod bow bow !! )

4) You buy everything from convenient store (sebun-erebun, aemmu-piemmu...) ranging from beers to disposalable underwear.

5) You stopby every 50 steps to buy drinks from vending machine.

6) You buy umbrella from a vending machine.

7) You buy instant noodle from a vending machine.

8) You buy chocolate bar from a vending machine.

9) You buy battery from a vending machine.

10) You have all sorts of point cards, Tokyu card, Yodobashi card, Pasmo, Suica, Yamada Denki card, Sakura-ya card, Nanaco card, Ikea Family card.... (or is it just me?!)

Help me update.


pagolmon said...
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stevelee67 said... one stop every 50 steps to buy drinks la..its u only maybe :p

Kim Huey said...

but every 50 steps got vending machine, they dont lure you meh? "buy me!! buy me!!"

Anonymous said...

Vending machines surtainly lure me! The insides look so colouful and tasty. ^^ But I'm usually out of coins or change when I see one. They are not so popular in my city.

Kim Huey said...

One thing nice in Japan is that certain machine here is you can pay using your pre-charged charge. Prepaid card? And that same card, you can use it to pay your train fare, certain convenient stores, and even some shops! It's fantastic how they so effectively merge the services!

I am so bad with change, coins! Arh! So I charge my money into cards. Meantime, I could collect points to redeem some freebies too. :)

Thanks for dropping by. :)