Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Night

On a summer night like this, staying at home to study for finals is not the best thing to do. How I wish I could put on my night adventure mode, sneak to the river and dip my feet into the cooling stream of water. Lay carefree-ly upon the soft grass, counting stars on a clear summer sky.

I am listening to too many romantic songs. It's getting into me. I am not like this you know.


Kryptos said...

yes u can! ppl make out by the riverbank!

technically speaking, summer skies are not clear. autumn is a better time for stargazing. i still remember how we sneaked out at 2am to see shooting stars in the park opposite the dorm!

*nice long-exp photo ;)

Kim Huey said...

But autumn cant dip feet into the water, can freeze wo. That's why I wrote "clear summer sky" i guess. Impromptu gibberish without giving it much thoughts. @_@

*ps, Thanks!

Kim Huey said...


コメント中に”We"の意味はちょっと曖昧じゃない? ほかの人読むと、私たちと思うよ、私も含むみたいね。実は関係ないよ。

Kryptos said...

since when u're into semantics?


Kim Huey said...

そうね。多分"me and my friends" とか、"I had some experience with my friends" とか、いいんじゃん?