Tuesday, July 28, 2009


If you have been reading my blog, you would kidda notice that I disappeared from the blogger scene since ...well, 10 days! Like I have dissipated (No, not constipated), like I have turned into cloud of smoke and gonE FOREVER!!!

What? I have a life in the real world too you know! except blogging and facebook-ing!

nah, I dont have a life except blogging and facebook-ing! :)

Ando and Hirokawa Lab

It's a yippie day today! Coz I finished my final's papers! So I put my awesome lab group picture with all the happy people!!


cfh said...

you seems to be the shortest...

Kim Huey said...

becoz i am standing next to the 2nd tallest guy in my lab. @_@

Kryptos said...

oo, i can see stalker sempai in the first row! has he been treating u well? if he ever bullies u, lemme know. he'll be in big trouble. ;)

Urban Sheep said...

I like your lab's photo.
Don't worry about 先輩と後輩の関係.
Sempai's are there to enhance each Kohai's performance through negative criticisms.
That's not bullying, although it may feel hard to endure at first.


Kim Huey said...

Hi Urban Sheep,

Thanks for the advice. Luckily I am not the most kohai in my lab, stuck in the middle it's still bearable.

Thanks for dropping by! :)