Friday, July 17, 2009

Living on the train

During rush hour, everybody bring along their long-faces to board the rush-hour train.
These train, is no fantasy chuu-chuu-neverland-train. It's train-of-hell, train-of-sardine, train-of black-suits.
However, every now and then, you will some funny characters shining among these dull, uninspiring, big-yawn people.

1) People who read. (including some adults reading comic or some hentai stuff).

2) People whose fingers glued to the mobile keypad. (laptop, handphone, TV)

3) People who blast their earphone, and I know he is listening to some J-pop.

4) People who sway and dance along the J-pop.

5) Heroic Station Attendants with awesome biceps who stop the door for last minute train-dasher. (I heart this)

6) Heroic Station Attendants who push people into the train. (I hate this)

7) People who snap pictures of the pornographic advertisement on the train. (non-stoply and then giggle).

8) People who trying to find treasures behind the seats of the train. (and giggle after he found some rubbish) - unfortunately Kim Ean saw this mental case. :)

9) Homeless people who live on the train. So morning and night, you will see him walking along the train doing nothing.

10) People who eat bento on the train. (That's me, sometimes Onigiri).

11) Girls with completely no make up putting on make-up on train and transform into Britney Spears during concert.

Just when I thought I have seen it all......

I saw someone curling her hair in the train with battery operated HAIR CURLER!

I have so much things to learn living on the train.


Kim Huey said...

Kim Foong sent me some train video clip of a couple doing nasty thing on KTM train. It inspire me to write this post.

Urban Sheep said...

Your post is very interesting ! You can find lots of weird things happening on Tokyo's trains.

Have you seen the way passengers react to the sound of a baby crying on the train ?

Kim Huey said...


I know! they give you the rolling eyes?! Same thing when you sneeze, or having flu.!!