Sunday, June 29, 2008

2 days, 340 photos

I have been doing nothing much but camwhoring a lot lately.

Friday after class, Kenny wanted to get fake food sculpture from Kappabashi Street somewhere near Ueno and Asakusa. See their balcony, is made of cups!

Very interesting place, they sell everything any restaurants would need: Chinese, Western, Japanese...

They have all kinds of food, Ramen, Sushi, Fish and chips.. except they are all not real. They looked so real that it triggers your drooling systems, problem is the whole street sell fake stuff only.

Also paid a visit to Asakusa. Famous tourist place for the Sensoji Temple, Asakusa Jinja and all sorts of typical Japanese souveniers.

This is called a 茅輪くぐり in Asakusa shrine. By following the instruction, circling around it like a number 8 direction, will help you remove 'suey'.

Senjijo Temple.

They came 'Asean Festival' in my room. Well, except burning my pot, almost activate my smoke detector, trying to break a fish into half, microwave's functions discovery, everything went pretty well! ( As in all the food are cooked!) and we are still alive!

Later, Kenny's suggestions to rent a dog. This is our dog (for one hour), named 光秀-chan.

Kim Ean says it looks like the soft toy dog she once had where my littlest sis apply sharp-red-colour lipstick and layers of foundation + mascara on it.

The dog is so so so so so So SO SO SO SO adorable!!

So cute, Beh tahan!! It was so well trained, tame, human friendly, no lunatic barking. The only problem we had was communication breakdown, the dog doesnt seem to understand our Japanese. We tried speaking English, French, Italian, Mandarin, even Hokkien.... The dog just have no response.

One thing for sure, having a dog surely can woo Jap gurls easily in Japan. You will have a lot of on looker attentions when walking a dog. Especially since we are having such a cute one!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Experiment 626

To Sis!

HAPPY 20th Birthday!

Wishing you to have blast of time with the celebration.

Congratulations to Mummy 20 years ago of getting rid of you from her.

::Malaysia Time::

With love!

Happy Birthday

To Sis!!


::Tokyo Time::

With love.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Embarrassing Hulk.

Today, I told my classmates your jokes about The Incredible Hulk over the lunch table:

"Why when the incredible green hulk turn into an enormous size hunky, only the shirt was shattered into pieces but not the pants?!"

Everybody was laughing like hell.

In the end, We came to a Solid and Solemn conclusion!! THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!


The Incredible Hulk was wearing RUBBER PANTS!


OFF COURSE! It all make sense now! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

You're so Vain

Since I am already feeling vain enough to spend W.H.O.L.E night writing an essay about myself as Jap homework, "I am Malaysian, I like watching movies and rock and indie... sometimes I dance in the rain, but I still cant get sick to cheat the MC ..."

To top the vain-ness, I am gonna brag about the new sneakers I got. Adidas Original Galaxy Sleek Kimono Series. It has a tatami insole, means I am walking with tatami beneath my foot everyday!

Also, notice the price in the website, 115Euro. But, I bought it for only 7000 yen. These people really noes how to cheat caucasians.

Love it! 大好き!!::In love:: Maybe next I will get a kimono to go with my shoes. :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jap Class Classmates

After midterm test. Everybody just happened to be in front of the International Student Center, It Just-so-happened that Siska had a camera, and it also just-so-happened we acted weird, Release tension, you dig what i mean?!

Oscar was doing a triple-flip-legs-folded-jump. His jump was so sophisicated, it's no point mentioning I was blocked by him.

Ahmet came running to Siska (Holding camera).

Me and Sarah remorsing for our imbecile-ness in Jap paper.

Me still remorsing......

Class picture. Siska, Sarah, Sancir, Ahmet, Alfonso and Oscar. Lacking Badar and Carlos.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Weekend Photos Diary

David reached Odaiba at around 9pm. After dinner, there's nothing much to do except killing the scenery by shooting. We were hoping to catch some steamy actions of young couples while walking along the beach on the way back home. Too bad it was a quiet day.

Next morning, woke up at 5am for Tsujiki Fish Market, the biggest wholesale fish market in the world, departed from Odaiba at 545am. I was really reluctant to get my butt off the bed!! But the trip was all worthwhile.

As a tourist, we were not really welcomed here. We might just ended up dead sleeping with the fish and get carried away in one of those carts. They were speeding like no one's business all around the road. Hay! People might really get killed here! Who say Godfather's Fulton Fish Market was scary? Beat this.

Every morning 5am is the Tuna auction, Fishes fresh from the ocean every morning. We missed the auction but saw the aftermath. People were sawing the fish apart, chopping, hooking.... I feel for the fish though they were frozen.

Found Mr.Octupus and Mr.Krab.

Before visiting the Imperial palace, stopped by Ginza for Kabuki-za. In this picture, I wasnt suppose to be on the grass. It was precious grass, step only by the all mighty Emperor. -_-"

Next was Ueno. Ueno's Ameya yokocho, Ueno's park. This Thinking Man with The Crow is in front of the Ueno Art Musuem. I insisted that he is having headache, David reckons he was having a bad hair day instead.

Ended the day with Thai Food in Ginza.

Next day, discovered a new place in Venus Fort, The History Garage - by Toyota.

Wanna hop into my zhng Ferrari car?

Wall of Fame.

The Notorious Wall. Mob Collection.

I actually like this place better than the modernized toyota showroom. They decorated this place down to the very detailed details.

Suddenly, We were in Hong Kong.

Shiu Long Pao!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hair-Cut Experience

Kenny, You are so right, I should really tell my 'B.R.A.V.E' experience of walking into a NON-ENGLISH speaking salon A.L.O.N.E!

Normally in Malaysia, you walk into the salon without thinking what hairstyle you wanna get, you talk with the hairdresser, exchange some opinions, Satisfy... Chop chop chop!

BUT IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ME: カット と カラー お願いします。(Cut & colour please).
Receptionist: !"#$%&'()('&$# (I dunno what he asked).
ME: ...................................................... ::Blurred look::
Receptionist: (THINKING: This is gonna be a bad business) [Gesture me to sit]


Hairdresser: !"#$%&('%#(# (I think she asking what style I wanted).
ME: 短くて...................... 何でも大丈夫! (Shorten...... Every style is okay)

I did some fingers pointing to my face, indicating it's round, pulling my hair to cover my face.

She somehow understand that I meant "Face fat, Hair Cover!" PHEW!

Hairdresser: カラー ?(Colour?)
ME: (Try to think very hard)................... (Point at her hair colour and smile.)

She smiles back. Another Phew! Agreement done.

So, she flip flip my hair, and started cutting immediately!!
I was like waiting for my christmas gift not knowing what kind of hair I gonna get, what the colour gonna turn out on me........

I din EVEN DARE TO START THINKING I AM ACTUALLY IN JAPAN AND their appreciation of hair creativity is WAY BEYOND ABSURD!

WHAT IF IT'S A MOHAWK? How shud I tell my mum?! I sat there regreted my impromptu decision.

I started recalling the wonderful moment I had picture taken by David in Tokyo Tower, thou easy flammable but 'normal' looking hair, I started reminiscenting the cheerful moment of myself playing with my own hair before sleep.... (Maybe this is a bit exaggerated :D). And I started thinking where shud I get a cap? and maybe later should invest more on getting a wig....

2 and the half hours later...........

I look something like that.

Well..... Kenny says I looked better. Others say I looked younger. Thanks to Kenny, Thanks 'Sis' for condemning my previous hair without giving any face, indirectly forcing me for the haircut. I am just so glad it's not a Mohawk!

PS: Pictures taken by David with his SLR. :) Thanks!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brief Update

To Foong:

The reason I didnt reply your SMS was becoz I was half dead last night from my trip to Tsujiki Fish Market, Ginza, Ueno Park & Shimbashi.

During the earthquake, I was eating Sushi in Tsujiki Market. We did felt the quake, but we didnt noe it was that serious until we saw the news update.

I am fine. Just in case you are concern. Muackss!

Your 2nd Sis.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lost in Translation

Who would ever thought, After 12 years aparted since Standard six , We meet again, and this time in Tokyo.

Last saw Zhan Wei was in Harajuku during my first week here in Tokyo, I think my first sentence was 'Hay, you are so much taller!' ...........

Second meeting, was for the food in Komaba Asean Festival and Karaoke in Shibuya.

Yea, the problem with enrolling in a technology school is that most of my friends are guys. Took this picture in front of Tokyo University.

I bet you've already knew that Japan is a Vending Machine country. But do you also know Japan is a 'Tissue-Giving' country? Need tissue? Just ask from the Geisha standing in the middle of Shibuya street.

And, the condom shop in the background, are purposely accidently shot into the picture. It wasnt meant to be there.

I was ecstatic to see David's head pop out among the crowds in front of Hachiko the Dog. It's like finally you have a familiar face with a familiar language and similar topics to yak about!

Went up to Tokyo Tower.

Saw Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba Ferris Wheel from the other side. Finally a change of view instead of looking to the Tokyo Tower from Odaiba.

Braille showing the direction of Fuji-San. Come to think of it, they really think the blind have the mood to go up Tokyo Tower?

Did I mentioned that I did badly in my Japanese test exam today? I spent whole night up chatting studying and I can do nuts.

Friday the 13, unlucky day for my wallet, my easily flammable hair finally got chopped off.
When the result out, I really wish I would not need to suicide from the hole in Tokyo Tower above.


Mogwai singing Japanese and I didnt know it all this while until some weird sound came out from my speaker! Gosh!

Cant find the streaming version of Mogwai - I chose Horses. Let me know if you wanna hear it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

National Musuem of Nature and Science

Last Thursday, Japanese class made a field trip to the National Science Musuem (国立科学博物館). It was indeed very very impressive. Firstly was the 360 degree movie theater, they usher you to enter a tube like cinema, standing, and when the movie on, the next thing you knew is that you are floating in the universe. Freaking impressive.

Total 6 floors, I didnt get to visit all.

The Hall of Progress in Science and Technology

This is one of the first generation computer that was introduced to Japan. Dont ask me WHERE IS THE KEYBOARD. and I dont think they can download bit-torrent too.

The first generation of Calculator. This lil baby can solve 9 equations simultaneously. Too bad i cant carry it in my Nike backpack to go shopping. Just in case I wanna find the x, y numbers from 9 discounted items.

I have checked, these are not Kamasutra. :(
Btw, if it's really kamasutra, i strongly believe they will place it outside the glass instead. :)

The Hall of Animals of the Earth

Frozen Hakunamatata

No other places on earth you would find two Pandas next to one tiger living harmoniously.

My Japanese language teacher, Ishida Sensei (石田先生). We are real creatures with blood flowing through our vein, unlike the specimens presented behind.

The Hall of Evolution of Life - Solving the Mysteries of the Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur 1

Dinosaur 2. They have human-look-alike-Dinosaur. (What? it's in the dinosaur hall, how would i know?)

The Hall of Biodiversity -We are all part of the Same Ecosystem (phew, long name)

Later, went to Ameya yokocho, it's a street in Ueno where most of the Asian foreigners able to find their home country food like Maggie ketchup sauce.

Professor Hirakawa explained the history of this narrow street. It was a wholesale street for candy and chocolates, and later during the world war II, this street became the black market of US goods. The candy and chocolate store still remain till dates, and hundreds of stores selling fish, veggie and etc.

E.T.C includes, Dog meat, live turtle meat, all parts of a pig, cow, goat...

Had some very interesting topics discussed over the lunch table with Professor Hirakawa, like his experience in Italy where all the guest of a restaurant ate lunch together in the hotel kitchen, his experience of buying clothes from a family operated shop in Italy. And we joke about how Chinese eating everything on 4 legs except the table. And the exchange opinions about the Japanese culture. For example, there's no word in Japanese to say 'Privacy', and there's no specify word to say 'どうぞ よろしくお願いします' in English, where by this translate to English it means, 'Glad to meet you and I hope to learn more from you' or in Chinese '多多指教'.

Very interesting place in Ueno. Planning to visit that place again.