Tuesday, June 10, 2008

National Musuem of Nature and Science

Last Thursday, Japanese class made a field trip to the National Science Musuem (国立科学博物館). It was indeed very very impressive. Firstly was the 360 degree movie theater, they usher you to enter a tube like cinema, standing, and when the movie on, the next thing you knew is that you are floating in the universe. Freaking impressive.

Total 6 floors, I didnt get to visit all.

The Hall of Progress in Science and Technology

This is one of the first generation computer that was introduced to Japan. Dont ask me WHERE IS THE KEYBOARD. and I dont think they can download bit-torrent too.

The first generation of Calculator. This lil baby can solve 9 equations simultaneously. Too bad i cant carry it in my Nike backpack to go shopping. Just in case I wanna find the x, y numbers from 9 discounted items.

I have checked, these are not Kamasutra. :(
Btw, if it's really kamasutra, i strongly believe they will place it outside the glass instead. :)

The Hall of Animals of the Earth

Frozen Hakunamatata

No other places on earth you would find two Pandas next to one tiger living harmoniously.

My Japanese language teacher, Ishida Sensei (石田先生). We are real creatures with blood flowing through our vein, unlike the specimens presented behind.

The Hall of Evolution of Life - Solving the Mysteries of the Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur 1

Dinosaur 2. They have human-look-alike-Dinosaur. (What? it's in the dinosaur hall, how would i know?)

The Hall of Biodiversity -We are all part of the Same Ecosystem (phew, long name)

Later, went to Ameya yokocho, it's a street in Ueno where most of the Asian foreigners able to find their home country food like Maggie ketchup sauce.

Professor Hirakawa explained the history of this narrow street. It was a wholesale street for candy and chocolates, and later during the world war II, this street became the black market of US goods. The candy and chocolate store still remain till dates, and hundreds of stores selling fish, veggie and etc.

E.T.C includes, Dog meat, live turtle meat, all parts of a pig, cow, goat...

Had some very interesting topics discussed over the lunch table with Professor Hirakawa, like his experience in Italy where all the guest of a restaurant ate lunch together in the hotel kitchen, his experience of buying clothes from a family operated shop in Italy. And we joke about how Chinese eating everything on 4 legs except the table. And the exchange opinions about the Japanese culture. For example, there's no word in Japanese to say 'Privacy', and there's no specify word to say 'どうぞ よろしくお願いします' in English, where by this translate to English it means, 'Glad to meet you and I hope to learn more from you' or in Chinese '多多指教'.

Very interesting place in Ueno. Planning to visit that place again.


Kim said...

Considering to switch place v me?

Freshy Go Inter said...

I love Ameyoko! Millions of Cheap stuffs!
It just that there are too many people on the street........ (Hope Ameyoko is not the next street for those crazy geeks!)

Anthony S. said...

Hakuna Matata...~~ Hahaha...

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Hakunamatata~ it means no worries, for the rest of the day~~

Chng said...

u din see the first fax machine developed by the Japanese in the museum ha??

Kenny said...

Looks like an interesting museum. Do jio me if u wanna visit that place again!

Chng said...

eh...is dinosaur not dinasour lah

Kim Huey said...

Just wanna check and see whether
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