Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Embarrassing Hulk.

Today, I told my classmates your jokes about The Incredible Hulk over the lunch table:

"Why when the incredible green hulk turn into an enormous size hunky, only the shirt was shattered into pieces but not the pants?!"

Everybody was laughing like hell.

In the end, We came to a Solid and Solemn conclusion!! THIS IS VERY SERIOUS!


The Incredible Hulk was wearing RUBBER PANTS!


OFF COURSE! It all make sense now! :)


Anthony S. said...

Know why it's green? Every vein and parts of his is suffocating. So, I guess it would be a nightmare for what's in the rubber pants. Aha!

Kim Huey said...

what is inside rubber pants?

Anthony S. said...

yer.. u very geli (malaysian good old slang)