Sunday, June 29, 2008

2 days, 340 photos

I have been doing nothing much but camwhoring a lot lately.

Friday after class, Kenny wanted to get fake food sculpture from Kappabashi Street somewhere near Ueno and Asakusa. See their balcony, is made of cups!

Very interesting place, they sell everything any restaurants would need: Chinese, Western, Japanese...

They have all kinds of food, Ramen, Sushi, Fish and chips.. except they are all not real. They looked so real that it triggers your drooling systems, problem is the whole street sell fake stuff only.

Also paid a visit to Asakusa. Famous tourist place for the Sensoji Temple, Asakusa Jinja and all sorts of typical Japanese souveniers.

This is called a 茅輪くぐり in Asakusa shrine. By following the instruction, circling around it like a number 8 direction, will help you remove 'suey'.

Senjijo Temple.

They came 'Asean Festival' in my room. Well, except burning my pot, almost activate my smoke detector, trying to break a fish into half, microwave's functions discovery, everything went pretty well! ( As in all the food are cooked!) and we are still alive!

Later, Kenny's suggestions to rent a dog. This is our dog (for one hour), named 光秀-chan.

Kim Ean says it looks like the soft toy dog she once had where my littlest sis apply sharp-red-colour lipstick and layers of foundation + mascara on it.

The dog is so so so so so So SO SO SO SO adorable!!

So cute, Beh tahan!! It was so well trained, tame, human friendly, no lunatic barking. The only problem we had was communication breakdown, the dog doesnt seem to understand our Japanese. We tried speaking English, French, Italian, Mandarin, even Hokkien.... The dog just have no response.

One thing for sure, having a dog surely can woo Jap gurls easily in Japan. You will have a lot of on looker attentions when walking a dog. Especially since we are having such a cute one!


kk said...

Great blog... Great dog

narrowband said...

I really love that dog it's so damn adorable!!! Got bigger ones? Like dalmations, labradors, golden retrievers... And what if they're hungry? what if they wanna do their business? What if they get lost? What if it eats something it's not supposed to? What if the rent-er go cook and boil soup?? I know these are all negativities but how come everything's so ideal in Jpn?!

arshana said...

You can rent a dog? Wow. What else can you rent?

Kim said...

did u woo-ed any jap girls?

Freshy Go Inter said...

the other problem was the speed we tended to to bed by such a small creature when he needed to go home...

Anonymous said...

can;t really understand what are you trying to say here freshy. engrish.. please..

Freshy Go Inter said...

oh, misspelled.. To be led...
and by the way, it's English, not engrish.
Engrish is wrong version of English.

stevelee67 said...


i should consider of having a dog soon

Kim Huey said...

Hay Kenny. Thanks.

Narrowband, We did thought of bak-kut-teh-ing the dog. But it's just too adorable, our heart soften, we cant do it.

Arshana, Yea... rent a dog, rent DVD, rent house.... hahaha, not sure. what odd stuff here has. Btw, Oct coming soon!!

Kim Foong, Nope. I wanna to slap them so that their make up stick on my hand, i get free make-up.

Freshy, yea.. funny

Anonymous. Dude, Spanglish?

Lee, I thought you said you pitty the dog. :p

Anonymous said...

Allan a dog...i think is a good people just want have fun from the dog in sometimes but not in!!!
how much is the rental for one hour dog?

Kim Huey said...

Allan, the rental per hour is 2500 yen. Which is almost equivalent to RM75.

good business! the dogs have the priority to choose what time they wanna be 'taken' for a walk.