Friday, June 13, 2008

Lost in Translation

Who would ever thought, After 12 years aparted since Standard six , We meet again, and this time in Tokyo.

Last saw Zhan Wei was in Harajuku during my first week here in Tokyo, I think my first sentence was 'Hay, you are so much taller!' ...........

Second meeting, was for the food in Komaba Asean Festival and Karaoke in Shibuya.

Yea, the problem with enrolling in a technology school is that most of my friends are guys. Took this picture in front of Tokyo University.

I bet you've already knew that Japan is a Vending Machine country. But do you also know Japan is a 'Tissue-Giving' country? Need tissue? Just ask from the Geisha standing in the middle of Shibuya street.

And, the condom shop in the background, are purposely accidently shot into the picture. It wasnt meant to be there.

I was ecstatic to see David's head pop out among the crowds in front of Hachiko the Dog. It's like finally you have a familiar face with a familiar language and similar topics to yak about!

Went up to Tokyo Tower.

Saw Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba Ferris Wheel from the other side. Finally a change of view instead of looking to the Tokyo Tower from Odaiba.

Braille showing the direction of Fuji-San. Come to think of it, they really think the blind have the mood to go up Tokyo Tower?

Did I mentioned that I did badly in my Japanese test exam today? I spent whole night up chatting studying and I can do nuts.

Friday the 13, unlucky day for my wallet, my easily flammable hair finally got chopped off.
When the result out, I really wish I would not need to suicide from the hole in Tokyo Tower above.


BLuEaPpLE said...

Hey hey
love the pics u took !

Bet u had a great time with Dave!!

Anyway, missing u here. keep updating with more pics!! and if u're too blog is randomly updated with random stuff...hahaha (damn cheap publicity) hahaha

Kim Huey said...

hahahaha.. Licia Licia. Muacks!

Just sent David off to the train station. I think i made him do a lot of walking. ::evil::

Will update somemore pictures soon. :)

narrowband said...

"...spent whole night up /chatting/ studying..."

I hope I wasn't the main contributor *buries face in blanket*.

Really appreciate the hospitality :)