Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Weekend Photos Diary

David reached Odaiba at around 9pm. After dinner, there's nothing much to do except killing the scenery by shooting. We were hoping to catch some steamy actions of young couples while walking along the beach on the way back home. Too bad it was a quiet day.

Next morning, woke up at 5am for Tsujiki Fish Market, the biggest wholesale fish market in the world, departed from Odaiba at 545am. I was really reluctant to get my butt off the bed!! But the trip was all worthwhile.

As a tourist, we were not really welcomed here. We might just ended up dead sleeping with the fish and get carried away in one of those carts. They were speeding like no one's business all around the road. Hay! People might really get killed here! Who say Godfather's Fulton Fish Market was scary? Beat this.

Every morning 5am is the Tuna auction, Fishes fresh from the ocean every morning. We missed the auction but saw the aftermath. People were sawing the fish apart, chopping, hooking.... I feel for the fish though they were frozen.

Found Mr.Octupus and Mr.Krab.

Before visiting the Imperial palace, stopped by Ginza for Kabuki-za. In this picture, I wasnt suppose to be on the grass. It was precious grass, step only by the all mighty Emperor. -_-"

Next was Ueno. Ueno's Ameya yokocho, Ueno's park. This Thinking Man with The Crow is in front of the Ueno Art Musuem. I insisted that he is having headache, David reckons he was having a bad hair day instead.

Ended the day with Thai Food in Ginza.

Next day, discovered a new place in Venus Fort, The History Garage - by Toyota.

Wanna hop into my zhng Ferrari car?

Wall of Fame.

The Notorious Wall. Mob Collection.

I actually like this place better than the modernized toyota showroom. They decorated this place down to the very detailed details.

Suddenly, We were in Hong Kong.

Shiu Long Pao!

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