Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brief Update

To Foong:

The reason I didnt reply your SMS was becoz I was half dead last night from my trip to Tsujiki Fish Market, Ginza, Ueno Park & Shimbashi.

During the earthquake, I was eating Sushi in Tsujiki Market. We did felt the quake, but we didnt noe it was that serious until we saw the news update.

I am fine. Just in case you are concern. Muackss!

Your 2nd Sis.


Kim Ean said...

popo trying to call u wo since yesterday. I think u call her la after every quake in Japan.

arron said...

good to hear that... take care. do u know.... samuel/daniel dunno true or not... dunno which... heard is the one study pharmacy...married?

Kim Huey said...


Pharmacy is Samuel wo!