Sunday, June 08, 2008


Briefly googled Odaiba Tokyo Drift, and found out that this is a 2 day drifting competition. More info click here

So, the noise! They say.....
'IF you cant B.e.a.t Them! JOIN THEM!'

The Problem is, I do not know how to join with the price below.

So, I bought the most priceless seats. Right outside my corridor!

When my priceless seats awaits me, I was just on time for the performance. I dunno who was the singer, but the cars were doing some amazing spins. I could imagine I would definitely puke with the revolutions per minute like that.

I also do not know how the competition goes. As far as I observed, each time for Best 16, Best 8, Semi Final and Final, There's a yellow car carrying two skimpy dressed girls with a cardboard.

Each contestant was given a solo performance, then race with another contestant, judges determine who should be eliminated immediately after two races. From best 16 down to best 2.

There was a minor accident where the blue car hit the tiang. His whole bumper flew out from the track.

I S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y worried for the camera man. They were just shooting right in the middle of the track.

I must say, I did enjoyed the competition, and felt a bit regret that I could not be nearer to the action.

While I was self-pathetic-ing, a security guard walked towards me, I thought he gonna warn me not to post these videos on You-tube. Then he told me, Why Arent you down there if you wanna see? TIEC giving free tickets for both days.....! Shit. Tomorrow I have plan..... "#$%&'('&%)#$#"

So, anyone see this, if you want tomorrow final race's ticket, let me know before 11am. One ticket entitled 2 entries.


Kim said...

u din tell them petrol is expensive?

arron said...

theycan afford it. cos they earn a few 100% in average more than malaysian... so no problem...

Anthony S. said...

Ok. I'm gonna quit my job. Go Japan. Beg for money. Come back I can buy car and house.