Monday, November 17, 2008

Expressive Nippon In Hakone

Who says Japanese people cant speak their mind?

At least not the Japanese we met in Hakone who express themselves in i-adjectives.

When they see Red leaves,

They shout, Kirei ! Kirei!!! (Beautiful)

Sometimes they shout, Sugoku Kirei!! (Extremely Beautiful)

When they see Sakura, they shout,


Kirei.. Kirei..!

In Hakone Open-Air Musuem,

They shout,

Omoshiroii... (Interesting!)

When they see the 5th statue is way smaller than the other 4, they shout

Hen! (Strange)

When they see a sculpture spread on the grass,

They shout,

Kawaiii.. (cute)

When they see Picasso Musuem,

They Shout,

SUGOI!! (Terrific!)

When they see glass wall below,

They shout,

Kakkoiii.. (cool)

When they see the Hakone Tozan cablecar and ropeway,


Didnt shout, just rushed in.

But when they see the crater created by last volcano eruption 3000 years ago in Owakudani, with boiling river and sulfurous fumes,

They shout..

Bikkuri!! (Surprised!)

When they see the pirates boat in Lake-Ashi,

They shout,


When they see the jinja by the lakeside,

They shout,


and again Kirei......

When they see Fuji-san.....

in the end of the day, everyone just got so sick of shouting i-adjectives, they didnt even bother to look.


Kim said...

vocab class?

Kim Huey said...

i-adjectives class

You can survive in Japan by just learning these words. :)

ii ne!

stevelee67 said...

wah...hen is not an ii adjective

Kim Huey said...

ey..come to think of it,

Kirei is not i-adjectives also. It's na-adjectives wo.

Doiii said...

woh..damn nice.. Take care