Saturday, November 12, 2005

Almost forget..

Happy Birthday to Huey Kein! finally 21st today, and belated wishes to Kim Ean, 11.11! how could i forget? Mucckss!


It was kind of unusual way of getting up from my sleep this morning. I got someone knocking at my room door, and vaguely i saw pinkish!! Big head had finally return from the vacation in his house, i grab big head from his hand, and straight away cuddle him to my sleep again. ( We decided that big head is a he). But what i didnt notice was the big Esprit plastic bag that he was holding, to my surprise, he bought me a shirt and a bag! I guess he must had enough of me complaining to have nothing proper to wear. hihii! Thank you dar, so sweet of you to have thought of me and to buy me something, and i love the shirt, the material is awesome~! Silk, cooling! Hmmph, or was it something else when i tried it on? Both the shirt and the bag are embedded with the icy bling-bling, yummy baby! Beware people, gonna shine my way through!

Always the best!

I went yam cha with Allan and Jun last nite, at first it was a plain old-time-catching up session, jst a cup of teh tarik and sat there from 930pm till midnight, non-stop of babbling , we shift from the mamak to Jun's house till 330am, still babbling but this time half-conscious, three of us lying on three seperate couch, still talking! In the mean time, we were planning to ask everyone else of the G8 to come online and have a lil' "world-wide gathering", too bad it's just too tough to get our butt out of the comfy couch. Finally, Allan gave up, stood up and gestured me to the door. Then, a sound came out, "Bak kut teh?" Nobody seems to have say No to the all time fav, so all the way till 530am, reached home, shower. Half dead!!

However, it's always one of the best spending time with you beautiful people, it reminds us that the "adventures" we've been through, and it's always pleasurable to talk about it over and over again. Just like what Re always says, Stay Gorgeous! *wink*