Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And so it is

Nope, I am not gonna write about Damien Rice. But since it's rainy season here, Damien Rice indeed suits perfectly as lullaby. Of course Jamie Cullum is nice too.... *Out of Topic*

And So It Is.... First birthday in Foreign Country.

Started the day with the routine, Japanese class. Then went for lunch with T.H.E. kaki below. I hate them, because I was not allowed to pay. >_<

Okay. Fine!

Syabu Syabu buffet as dinner. Lee was aiming for the first meat,

Look at him above, Sorry to tell you, You were not the Birthday Boy, Coz I Was the Birthday Gurl that night. So I got the first meat! And get to take picture with it and now blogging about it. Nyek Nyek Nyek...!

The makan was so funny. I was laughing all my way through and was requested politely to 'shut up', it seems that I somehow disturbing their efforts to finish as much as possible within 90 mins. The motto of that night was, No Veggie, No talking, Meat and Eat only! But with me constantly laughing, it bothers them to Focus! Concentrate! 一生懸命! (means desperately work hard)! I am sorry guys....! But it was so funny watching you guys eat.

No, you are not looking at Madonna's Boobs, they were suppose to be my Evil Horns...

After the 90 mins, everyone was so full laying down till we don't even bother talking. Out of nowhere, Mint brought out a cake! and they all sang birthday song. I was not expecting that, used to be and always still a cry baby, I almost burst out in tears.

It was the nicest cake ever. And i meant it, now I understand the reasons why there are people who choose to go for cake-buffet here. It was SO DELICIOUS!
Even the chocolate board used to write your name was delicious. As good as one freaking Cote'dOr dark chocolate. Kim-chan is the address for me by Oo-kun. He was one of the first-est person I met since I was in Japan.

I had the piece with biggest strawberry. I love being birthday gurl! :D

All of us.

We decided to take pictures according to Nationality. So,
The Thais - The 2 guys I first met since the first day in Japan.

The Msians

The Sporean

Refreshing the wonderful dinner and memorable birthday celebration, I cant describe the too much happiness that filled into my tiny mind till it was almost spilled.

I went sleepless thinking back the wonderful moment... ...


Okay, Sleepless maybe because of the coffee! >_<

But seriously, Thank you guys for the wonderful night out. It was one of the sweetest gesture I ever had.


Freshy Go Inter said...

We are very glad you loved it! We had a wonderful night together indeed!

jikken said...

hey...i didnt aim at that ok !! i just worry the meat will get too cold if left unattended ..hha

Kim Huey said...

Thanks Mint!

Lee, oo..really. So sweet of you to have thoughts like that. :D.
(Like we really gonna believe you) bluek

Joanne said...

Kim Hui, Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a lot of fun there and you are so funny!!! Take care and good luck in your studies :)

joanne said...

Oops...i accidentally spelt your name wrongly :P sorry.... but at least its better than "Kiam H...." hehe...

Kim Huey said...

Joanne, Not that nickname! Not here, What happened in Avago, Stay in Avago!

Hahaha..thanks for the wishes. I miss you guys. Miss watching you and KY 'communicate', haha! send my regards! Wish him all the best in US for me.